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Can i be a little psychic?

5 generations ago a woman in my family could see the future and had interactions with ghosts. She told my grandmother that she could pass on her power to someone who was with her when she dies….but nobody was with her.

My mom just told me this story and I was shocked by it because I believe i have a little bit of a ability to see the future and I can sense the presence of ghosts and believe I can become a psychic medium if i wish and practice at it. The story of my grandmother`s grandmother was that they lived in a house that was built during the civil war and often at night it would sound like there was fighting in the attic…also there looked to be blood on the attic`s wooden floors. my grandmother also heard the fighting whenever she stayed there.

i have a strong feeling that I am psychic…and i definately believe in ghosts and the paranormal.

Could I somehow have inherited the psychic ability??(i am the only one after my grandmother`s grandmother that has shown the psychic ability I believe)
another thing my mom said was that one day when my grandmother`s grandmother was going to the store she saw a fire ball in front of her and when she got back home her house was on fire….one of her kids died in the flames


  • Hello

    I believe that we all have intuitive abilites, just at different levels. With regards to inheriting this, it may well be that people can have the gift in a stronger way possibly. You are certainly psychic and also a medium. You can actually practice online on some forums for free, and also speak with like minded people.

    (chat room and forums, check the calender dates for classes for development)


    Lots of Love
    Misscpb xxx

  • I believe the story of your great great seeing fire for when my father died I saw a flash of pink light followed by a flash of white light, he was in another town. Several times my life has been saved by me being sensitive so it is a great gift but people tend to think I am strange so it also hurts a person. Good Luck.

  • It is a well known theory that these traits can pass thru genetics so there is a great chance that you are experiencing these things, sounds to me like your picking up on a allot of residual energies that go back in your families close ties to the civil war era. I suspect that you can pick up on the residual energy left from those days. However these abilities cant be given tou by your great grams these are all your own, part of your genetics embrace them and go with your gut, I have a feeling you will both surprise and amaze yourself. Don’t let all the skeptics discourage you, go with what you feel, it wont steer you wrong as long as your intentions are pure.

  • Yes it’s past down the blood line, and yes we all do have natural psychic abilities that fluctuate.

    In my family my aunt, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, have psychic abilities, and my aunt said that in our family blood line some were hung, and burnt at the steak accused of being witches, because in those days they didn’t understand that these abilities are basically more natural for those whom are sensitive and open to it. My aunt it was said had the abilities the strongest, until I started speaking out about all my experiences that became very strong for some years that I was seeing them a lot, and made communication to the one that would come to help me a lot, she is believe to be my spirit guide, we are so much alike, her name is Erica.

    The fighting in the attic almost sounds like an imprint, it’s residual type haunt.

  • if psychic abilities actually exist…. AND….. psychic abilities are a genetic trait….AND….the story of your grandmothers grandmother is absolutely true…..then yes, such a trait could lie dormant for a number of generations and suddenly show up in someone without warning. From time to time even recessive genes will show up against the odds.
    However, it might also be that your reading into this legend of your ancestor and allowing wishful thinking to overcome reason. The fact is that is not likely that psychic powers actually exist, nor that there are such people who are mediums to the spirit world.

  • If you want to be a psychic medium you will have to practice cold reading, that is the way that people manage to convince others that they are talking to the departed when really they are just making stuff up.

    Despite what great grandma may have thought no one has ever ever been able to prove that they have psychic abilities.

    And the fighting in the attic was most likely some kind of vermin – it’s amazing what a racket some quite small critters can make up there.

  • I don’t believe in this, so its a stretch for me. But I suppose if this power exists (I’m 100% it isn’t) than it may be possible for it to be passed down through genes.

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