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Can i be a christian and a wiccan?

i was wondering because im reading this book on magical evocation and The only reason spirits come is because u have GOD there and ur channeling his energy to evoke the spirit.
This was written by pope Honorius
I,X.[the magicians name], do conjure thee, O spirit N.[The spirits name], by the living GOD, by the true GOD, by the holy and all-ruling GOD, Who created from nothingness the heaven, the earth, the sea and all things that are therein, in virtue of the Most Holy sacrament of the Eucharist, in the name of Jesus Christ, and by the power of this same Almighty son of GOD, Who for us and for our redemption was crucified, suffered death and was buried; Who rose again on the third day and is now seated on the right hand of the creator of the world, from whence He will come to judge the living and the dead.
crazy it was writen by a pope.


  1. Um, I don’t know what you think Wicca is, but Wicca has diddly to do with the acts you’re discussing.
    Christians have been doing forms of Christian mysticism for hundreds of years, and Wicca is about 70 years old and has nothing to do with it.
    It’s clear Wicca is NOT what you think it is, kid.
    Also, I think you have a reading problem:
    “I,X.[the magicians name], do conjure thee, ”
    MAGICIAN’S NAME, not Wiccan’s name. Duh.

  2. No, the wiccan god is not the same as a christian god. Actually, I believe in wicca there are two gods and they are both radically different from the christian god.
    In my opinion, wicca is a more thoughtful and socially responsible religion, so if you were to choose one, I’d pick wicca.

  3. You cannot be both a Christian and a Wiccan. Christians worship the Creator and his Son, and Wiccans worship the creation. While finding these ancient writings of Honorius does mean you did a little research, I had to go no further than Wikipedia to find that only 40 years after his death, Honorius was EXCOMMUNICATED posthumuously for his beliefs, which contradicted what became the mainstream Church.
    In the early church there were many false and heretical teachings, such as Arianism, Monothelitism, etc. These beliefs varied from what almost all Christians believe today….the three Persons of the Trinity all being one God, Jesus Christ being human AND divine, etc.
    Christianity and Wiccanism are irreconcilable and cannot be logically followed by the same person.
    May the God of mercy grant you wisdom, peace, and love.

  4. I would say no. Christianity and Wicca are not anywhere near being compatible in my personal opinion. Why anyone would attempt to muddle either religion by trying to meld the two makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
    What you have written has nothing to do with Wicca. I suggest you study your Bible more closely and visit the recommended site to get a better understanding of the outer-court teachings of Wicca.

  5. IMO Absolutely not.
    Because to be ‘both’ one usualy exhibits a deep disrespect to both paths and an understanding of neither.
    For instance
    Christianity sees animals as having no souls and being ‘below’ humans in the pecking order – Wicca sees them as part of Nature and to be revered and respected as equal.
    Wica sees Nature as something to strive to live in harmony with. Christianity sees nature as something that god gave to Man, therefore is ‘owned’ by man.
    Wicca tends to revolve around much male/female not necessarily ‘sex’ but the creative energy – Christianity has no such belief and sex is not only dirty and sinful but should only be practiced by married (hetero) couples.
    Wicca sees all of nature as a duality – Christianity sees it as a creation of God.
    Wicca reveres the God and Goddess equally – Christianity relegates the goddess to ‘mother of God’ and although she has a very strong following within the catholic faith she is not THE goddess as seen by Wiccans.
    Wicca sees magic as manipulation of natural energies, Christianity does not believe in natural energies much less their manipulation – to admit to using them is seen as ‘the work of the devil’
    Wiccan strive to be balanced human beings seeing the wisdom in both dark and light, Christianity sees life as a constant struggle of the Light against the Dark.
    Wicca believes most firmly in reincarnation when we die, Christians believe you either go to heaven to be with God, or you go to hell for your sins.
    Do you get the idea? 🙂
    What you have there is an ‘Evocation’ – ritualistic words designed to bring a spirit forth, and the technique is the same whether it’s a Wiccan, a person practicing High Magic, or a Catholic Priest who’s doing the calling. It’s a form of getting into contact with that ‘spirit’ and calling it into being which is EXACTLY what a Priest does when he’s calling on God to bless the wine, or to witness and bless a marriage and suchlike. There is a lot of ‘magic’ in the church. Within British Traditional Wicca the Old Gods are called in much the same way – technique is the same just the words vary.

  6. Seriously, i am not Wiccan, but Is there any reference at all to Wicca in the book you are referring to? at any point is the actual word ‘Wicca’ used? Sounds as though you need to go back to the drawing board really.

  7. You do realize that you are reading something about Christian mysticism, not Wicca, right?

  8. NO!!! But I am Christian who does astrological charts, and sometimes Tarot cards, which I’m very good at.
    I know for a fact most Christians would not approve of me doing readings on people, etc, and sometimes I even question myself.
    However astrology and tarot has given me huge insight into sprituality, and spiritual laws, aswell, as peoples character and motivations. It’s helped me b more understanding, and more empathetic towards peoples character and life and what drives people.
    However, the Bible has also taught me wisdom, and MORALITY.
    Through these experiences I learned there is a God, there are laws and there is right and wrong.

  9. nope. Wicca is a polytheistic belief. Christianity is monotheistic. You can however be a witch since a witch can be ANY belief or none at all since it is like chemistry rather than religion.
    Hope this helps.

  10. No, you cannot be both, because they are contradictory religions.
    Wicca ha absolutely *nothing* to do with what you’re talking about. Working magic does not make you a Wiccan. The vast majority of magical workers are not Wiccan.
    Historically, most Western magic has been framed in a very strong Judeo-Christian context. Check out something like Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy.
    By the way, we don’t actually know the author of the “Sworn Book of Honorius,” composed around the 12th century. The “Grimoire of Pope Honorius” was derived from the title of this book in the 18th or 19th century and claims to be the product of Pope Honorius III, but is considered fradulent.
    There’s no evidence that a pope wrote either text.
    But again, none of this has anything to do with Wicca.

  11. I am Monotheist Wiccan and Christian. I Worship One Goddess Wisdom of Proverbs 8. I Worship One God Jehovah. He is the Lord Hunter God, She is the Birth Mother Goddess. Their Son is Yeshua Christ. Jehovah and Goddess Wisdom (Sophia) A.K.A. Alchemy are One by Marriage, like Adam and Eve are one by Marriage. Learn More at WiccanPope.com by reading the Wiccan Bible called Alpha Primate for Free.

  12. Wicca means, “The Craft of the Wise.”
    You CAN’T be WISE without the Goddess Birth Mother Wisdom of Proverbs 8. She is Jehovah’s Consort. He possessed Her before the foundation of the Earth, and Brought Her up as a Master Craftsman at His Side. WiccanPope.com


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