Can hypnotism really help you forget a bad experience?

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Before I spend any money on it, I was wondering if anyone has used hypnotism to help them forget a bad experience? How long did it take? Was it expensive?

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Never tried it and I think it would be expensive.


the best way to forget a past experience is to actually confront the issues which resulted from that experience
personally i think hypnotism is a load of garbage aimed at robbing desperate people of their money (no offence)
there’s better ways in dealing with these issues, for example; a counsellor, someone you can trust and confide in to tell your problems to, facing your fears etc
good luck =]


Its not healthy to try to forget anything. Everything is a learning experience. Whether or not the experience was a fault of yours, learn from it. Time will heal.

Fluffy S

In the end, you will wish you had not forgotten. But yes, a good hypnotherapist would be able to let you suppress the memory – in fact, you could do this consciously. I managed to trick myself into forgetting something I said to provoke another person when I was young, and now I’m so curious as to what I said to provoke them. But I made myself forget – and so I did.


Hypnosis is not effective at suppressing memories long term. A therapist would be able to help you with moving forward.
The past can’t be changed. You can change your reaction to it in the present. Look to the future rather than dwell on the past.


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