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Can hypnotism make you grow?

I am 14 and i am 5’1 everyone else in my school seems to be taller than me, the average height is probably 5’4 or so, and everyone is like “eat nutritional foods, and sleep” but i do, also my girlfriend is taller than me by like an inch and it really bugs me. so i was wondering if hypnotism can tel my brain to start growing or not?


  1. Your brain doesn’t tell you to grow. If your brain is responsible for making you grow then trees and plants should have brains as well. It’s the bones in your body that make you stretch and sometime they grow at a slow pace and plus you are only 14 in puberty girls always have a growth spurt between age 12-15 but the boys from 15-17 it happens much later. So you have to be patient…when you have your growth spurt you’re gonna end up being taller than all the girls…eventually.
    But to keep your bones healthy and to promote growth. Make sure you have plenty of calcium in your diet i.e milk.

  2. Er, NO!
    It could make you BELIEVE that you’re taller though.
    People grow in ‘spurts’. You might gain several inches over the next few years. For now just be happy that you’re fit and well and don’t sweat it.

  3. If you take a peek at the other identical questions by typing ‘taller’ into the box at the top of the page, ‘search for questions’ you will find yours is the 14,886th, so far (really!)
    Your maximum height potential, just the same as the other 14,885 individuals, who have asked this question already, was fixed at the moment of your conception by your genetics. Malnutrition, injury, toxins or diseases may prevent you achieving that potential, but you can neither exceed it, nor accelerate the time it takes you to reach it.


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