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Can hypnosis work to provide motivation to lose weight or exercise?

I’m middle aged and was in shape once, but now very overweight and low engergy. I simply cannot seem to fit exercise into my schedule, with two teenagers and a full time job, no matter how much willpower I try to exert. Something always comes up, I’m too exhausted after work, etc. I’m at the end of my rope — anyone tried hypnosis or anything else to break through?


  1. Yep, better yet is this, it’s a mind programmer.
    Screw sessions with morons you can’t trust, do this at home at your own time.!

  2. Yes, one time I paid $250 to be hipmotized . . . he got me to stop smoking so I am sure it would work for losing weight also. The only drawback is that everytime someone claps I cluck like a chicken . . bock bock . . gobble gobble.

  3. yes it can work but it takes time. I did it to get more energy and also to hate the taste of pop. (my main weakness) It worked great for 6 months but than I had a major family problem and I did not keep up listening to the relaxing tape and I converted back to the lazy ways.
    Make sure when you do it that they supply a personalized take home CD or tape. A generic one will work but it is nicer when they build it around you.

  4. Hynosis can work on some people, but they have to have the suggestibility factor. In other words, some folks are more easily hypnotized than others. I think what you probably need is motivation, and that might come under the heading of self-hypnosis, coupled with a burning desire to meet your goals. It’s easier said than done, but it can be done. Join a health club or gym. Try some of those weight-loss clinics like Jenny Craig or some others that send you meals with exact measurements. It worked for Kirstie Alley. Good luck!

  5. Why don’t you hire a personal trainer? They help to motivate you, plus if you’re paying them money then you’re more likely to take it seriously!

  6. Like anything else, if you are ready to do it, it will work. It is so hard to get motivated to lose weight. That is why there are so many things out there- everyone is searching so something that will help. You know this yourself. Something will “click” in your mind and then you will be ready.
    I have, as has my husband, fought weight all of my life. It stinks. He has tried hypnosis, and it helped for awhile, but he got caught up in his life and then started eating the wrong foods again.
    You can do it, and you will. You deserve to be healthy- we women take care of everyone but ourselves. We have to find a way to convince ourselves we are worth an hour to ourselves to take care of ourselves!
    I finally got going to the gym by taking my clothes with me to work and going straight there from work. If I stop home first, I never get there. There is always something more “important” like dirty dishes or a kid needs something or the dog needs to be walked or i am just worn out. So, I go straight there> I used to absolutely HATE the gym and had to force myself to go. Now, after three months, I love it. It is 45 minutes all to myself- noone can call me or bother me. It is actually a time that I have completely alone and it is wonderful. (Yes, I love my kids and my husband, but they all always need something and for this 45 minutes I have no responsibilities or problems.) It is awesome.
    Try that, maybe it will help. I hope so. If not, dont give up, you will find a way. You have taken the most important step- WANTING to get started!

  7. Hypnosis works well for me.
    It takes more than just 1 session and you want to reinforce it by listening to a hypnosis session daily for about a month.
    It really does help me with relaxation and confidence, making better decisions for leading a healthier lifestyle.
    Lots of CD’s out there – I would recommend Christopher Love, available on ebay.


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