Home Discussion Forum Can hypnosis really make my boobs get bigger?

Can hypnosis really make my boobs get bigger?

I heard you can do just about anything with hypnosis, lose weight, gain muscle. Will it work with breast enlargements.


  1. Nope.
    Puberty, age, and gaining weight are the only natural ways to increase the size of your chest.
    Hypnosis works for losing weight because you can be convinced that you’re not as hungry at meal times. Its you’re body taking in less food that is causing the weight loss, not the hypnosis.
    Gaining muscle is similar, you can be convinced to spend more time at the gym or doing push ups, but again the hypnosis is only a catalyst to an action of the cause, not the cause itself.
    Unfortunately hypnosis won’t be able to make your boobs bigger, they can convince you that your boobs are big enough already or to get plastic surgery or to gain weight, but hypnosis isn’t magic.
    (*And I’d tell you not to worry about how big your boobs are, and while yes that is important to a few guys, most generally don’t care as long as you are fun to get along with and attractive in general, your tits are just one part of you.- but you’ll still want bigger boobs either way so meh.)

  2. Well, I prefer women with smaller breasts myself. Everyone is different. Some dudes like girls with big ones, and some don’t.
    EDIT: My last girlfriend had “A” cups. And no I’m not a pervert that dates under age girls. She was just flat. But like I said I prefer women with smaller breasts. So I had no problems with her breast size at all.

  3. Oh yeah….i think they are getting bigger as we speak….
    is it better to have what you want or to want what you have?
    Id say it is a lot easier to become happy with what you have than to change the biology that you were given….
    Plenty of guys would be happy to have a woman with small boobs rather than be alone all the time……learn to love yourself and you will be much happier
    Avoid surgeries for this…you are attractive to plenty of boys…you might be looking for the wrong boys

  4. It can be done. it is not quick it may take a year more or less and you may be uncomfortable for an extended period. You want to go from what to what The older you are the harder it is .
    write for details, see profile

  5. Yes and no. It depends on if the cause of the smallness is something that can be controlled by your brain. It can certainly make you more self confident.


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