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Can hypnosis enhance recall of events that occured during a alcohol induced blackout?

Can hypnosis help someone remember what happened when they were extremely intoxicated with alcohol and do not remember anything that happened for approximately 3-6 hours?

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9 years ago

I would be extremely wary of “memories” retrieved for such an event. One has to consider that our perceptions are our reality and that the sub-conscious mind, being rather child-like, may conjure up a scenario based upon the wishes of the subject. Better to use a qualified hypnotherapist to explore the subject’s need to abuse alcohol in such a manner.

Tom R
Tom R
9 years ago

I doubt that any thing recovered during a period of intoxication has any useful information

9 years ago

I doubt hypnosis would be useful in this case. Hypnosis can help retrieve things you used to remember. Alcohol seems to stop memories being formed in the first place. If the person has sketchy memories hypnosis might help.

If this in any way involves obtaining evidence that might used in court, the hypnosis should only by done by someone qualified in forensic hypnosis. You should also check with the police before having it done.

As an alternative, were there any CCTV recordings in the area the person was in?

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