Can hypnosis be used to unlock and/or develop psychokinesis abilities?

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jennina D

i dont know.. but if they did i would sure like to unlock mine =D


i’m not sure. i think hypnosis changes our perception of the world, so we could be made to believe that we have psychic abilities, but it does not mean that we do. however, meditation is a way of centering yourself, i am sure it helps to develop a stronger empathic power


There aren’t really any cases of Pycokenisis in the first place that I’m aware of. Maybe in some high-tech military bunker or something top secret. Hypnosis doesn’t do alot but let a doctor eliminate some of your concious and talk directly to your subconcious, as far as I’m aware. One cool thing hypnosis can do though is imprint false memories. A doctor can make you remember something that never actually happened to you before with hypnosis. Some people who remember alien abductions and go to get hypnosis to ‘Remember them better?” yeah, they never happened. I wouldn’t suggest going for it, It can screw you up pretty badly.


Sorry dude but psychokinesis does not exist. If it did someone would have easily walked away with an easy million dollars by now (see link below).

bullet b

psychokinesis, maybe.


I have no idea, but Psychokinesis is a large subject. There are all kinds of -kinesis (Telekinesis = Moving objects with your mind, Pyrokinesis = The ability to ‘bend’ fire, and there are alot more) but in Psychokinesis are also Teleportation, Levitation and more things included. I dont even know if all of those things are real and true. However, I personally saw with my own eyes myself completing a Telekinesis exercise. But I dont think hypnosis would be the right way to do it, it could help you alot believing in it, but actually doing any of those things… yeah for my advice; keep it on the natural way; belief, practise, patient and as most important tool; meditation. And sooner or later, you will get there 😉


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