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can hypnosis be used to help someone remember what happened during an alcohol induced blackout?

If someone drinks to the point of a blackout, could hypnosis be used to help them remember what occured during that time? Does the longer you wait from the incident make memory less likely?


  1. I cannot confirm any of the things I say, but i do not think so.
    My guess is that when you are drunk, memories do not get stored into short/long term memory. It simply gets “deleted” and therefore causing a blackout.
    But in case i am wrong, then for your next question:
    Yes how longer you wait, how lesser you remember, unless something related to that memory triggers the memory to get “reactivated” again.
    However, i find hypnosis unreliable for such things, since you need to fully give in yourself in order to get hypnotised.
    I personally never would give myself in to someone unless it would be my soul mate.

  2. No hypnosis has been discluded when they tryed hypnotising people who “presumably” say they have been abducted by aliens.They found that hypnotic accuracy was below acceptable and it also created false memories.You don’t want to try hypnosis it is an unreliable method of retracing memories.

  3. No because being drunk is an altered state in itself. Hypnosis and memory is not altogether reliable. Probably a way to remember would be to get back into that state (being drunk) to access the memories, and obviously this is not an answer in a real sense or recommended!The longer time goes past a memory event the more the real facts tend to change and become colored.


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