Home Discussion Forum Can/ How can I become a Medium/Psychic/ESP?

Can/ How can I become a Medium/Psychic/ESP?

Can I become a medium, psychic, or ESP/Magick Shaman man. If I can, how do I?
BTW- I’m a christian no anti-christian stuff please
no no no no no…NOT magic tricks…The “Real” (?) stuff.
Also how do I channel magick/spirits?
Yeah sometimes I think I do…Weird things have happened to me and to people when I get anger or something. And some things happen that make my friends freaked…:-)


  1. If you had a good sense of ESP…you’d know it. Ya either got it or you don’t. Mediums are fake, psychics are probably largely a crock, and shaman stuff is usually new age garbage.

  2. If you want to become a true psychic and be able to see various things from people’s past which are true – then hook with demons – they will tell you.

  3. You need to focus on learning how you interact with the Universe, on how and why you were created, and what your connection is with self/creator/and universe. I would suggest looking online for a copy of the Summum, watching Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret”, and reading about some of the ancient religious beliefs, including Alchemy. You’ll have to keep an open mind to some of this, and consider how all of these things actually work WITH your Christian beliefs. There are those who will tell you that any belief in “para-normal” things is ‘wrong’ according to Jesus. You have to really, truly, begin to allow yourself to believe that it is your God who gave you the power to do this. That is is the God in whom you believe who allowed His son to do great things, and that you, too, are a child of that very same God, the same as Jesus. If you need/want to talk more, I’d love to. Feel free to e-mail me. I’m a Presby preacher’s kid, who wanted to learn about what was out there that I hadn’t been taught. I’d never try to change someone’s beliefs, but if you want to be involved in the para-normal, you have to be open to it 🙂

  4. Channeling and shamanistic work is largely done in a state of trance or hypnosis….Edgar Cayce the most famous psychic of all time was a huge christian and many of his readings have a very christian flavor…Esoteric christianity is a fascinating subject and there are many ways to “become” a channeler medium shaman healer…..everyone has the potential to become this because we all share the same divine energy and all a medium psychic does is use this energy…Working with energy varies depending on what you’re trying to accomplish but i can tell you that the first thing you’re gong to have to learn is meditation….If you can’t sit still and quiet you’re going to have a hard time learning this….The deeper you go into meditation the more will be revealed to you, especially if this is your destiny to learn this art…


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