Can having a pineal gland cyst be considered a disability?

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Jami w

Umm ..probably not. But if you have a sit down job it could deffinitely be a reason to call in sick . You can have a minor surgery and usually be up and about in 3-4 days as before. It hurts but it’s not debilitating at all !


Yes, It can be. But check with you doctor to get a note saying it is in order to get disability or let your boss know.

Neil L

Very doubtful. How are you disabled?

Not feeling so hot

Hi I have One of these f n things and it can f you up head aks dizzy nasia floaters in the vision . but there seams to be nothing for it be n. a disability and Nero says the same word for word as the 2 other Nero I been to it’s not the problem you have and they were a thousand miles apart hmmm wonder what the book says they are reading anyway to your ???? It dosnt aper to be a disability but for one who has this it is as I know I have one and it affects my quality of life


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