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Can hallucinogenics awaken you to a higher state of consciousness…?

your experiences?
I’m just wondering because I know there are people who take peyote on spirit quests.
Also there is a country where the people chew on the plant all day and it makes them happy and they buy and sell this plant. It only grows in this one country, I think it is Yemen and they chew qat.
Is this also a spiritual event?


  1. It’s actually a lower state of consciousness because you are no longer able to think rationally and interact with reality…
    Do not dampen and abuse the gifts of thought, reason, and logic that God gave you. When you do that with drugs you are throwing these gifts in God’s face and saying “I’d rather be a confused idiot for a few hours than use the abilities you gave me”

  2. Never tried it, although I’ve read some interesting things about DMT — the so-called “Spirit Molecule”…

  3. I would think that they would inhibit your consciousness rather than aid it, but that it my opinion only.
    As a Muslim, I do not partake in drugs or alcohol. Again, a personal decision.

  4. Yes, but unfortunately, I never properly documented my acid tripping moments in high school. I do remember thinking some very interesting thoughts though.

  5. I think so, yes. Or acid/shrooms at least certainly feel that way. That’s a good way of describing it. It’s profound and not at all like any other feeling in the world.

  6. I disagree with the “answerer” who said that it commits you to a lower state of consciousness. It opens your mind to a separate state of consciousness that cannot be defined has higher or lower. Also, reality is not a constant so you cannot say that it takes you away from reality, for when you think you are closest to it, you in fact have drifted as far as possible. Read The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley, it is a very enlightening book on the matter and hallucinogenics positives and negatives. The book also advocates the proper use of the drug.

  7. Yes, absolutely. The drug Ketamine will induce a full out of body experience, the same as a Near Death Experience. When hospitals use this drug they always mix it with other drugs to prevent the out of body experiences from happening.


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