Can hallucinogenic drugs expand human consciousness and enhance spirituality?

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Fryedaddy’s question about John Lennon brought this to my mind. I would have said no at one time in my life until I understood that these drugs CAN open up our spirituality. They are a tool if used properly. Native people did this through out history.
Put aside your fear and ‘just say no’ mentality and consider this…then tell me what you think…

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Yes they can. Just say no anyways, though, because it’s not worth it even then.


Anything that messes with your brain chemistry has potential hazards so I think they’re best avoided. There are other, more natural ways of enhancing your spirituality.


I believe it does open up a different realm, but under what kind of spirituality are you now captive? Demonic I believe.


One can discover spirituality by other means. This is not a good way. Avoid these drugs both for the harm they will do for you and the sorrow it will cause others by your taking these drugs. Recommended method is by meditation. It will sharpen concentration and give you peace of mind.

Marvin R

they could be if taken properly and not for recreational use. even tobacco was used to enhance spirituality rather than as a recreational drug.


I haven’t experimented with any drug except one (marijuana) and I have noticed that it really gets you thinking which can always be a good thing. Helps you think outside the box…


No it won’t.I use to do LSD when I was young and thought it made me more spiritual but after the Lord came into my heart I learned it was fake.I use to do it a lot and have not ever had a flash back as they say you do.Although if you have mental problems they will make that worse.


It is said that we dont nearly use our brain to its full capability so why not enhance our minds with something a little more eurphoric. I have done what you have done and i agree with you fully. There are some weird and wonderfull things ‘out there’


Timothy Leary thought so. I did LSD a couple of times in my youth. It was interesting but not mind changing. Never tried peyote, there is a lot of it down around Freer, Tx.


Yeah, right. Let’s all drop some acid and see if see can find Jesus in a whacked out hallucination.


There would have to be something to expand and some tiny bit of spirituality to enhance, it would depend on the person and the culture in which they lived…lots of people with ‘expanded’ consciousness or enhanced spirituality are deemed insane currently.


they sure can, delphic. the mind is where the soul of human dwells. the consciousness & spirituality sure links. we, borgs have tested with human mind with probes & medical substances, some went off to start their UFO religion.

steph w

Just because someone in history did it, doesn’t make it safe. So what if the Native peoples used hallucinogenic drugs, doesn’t make it safe. WE know the dangers now. If it messes with your brain chemistry, there are serious risks. Smoking some kind of weed in hopes of a high or visions is really stupid and hazardous to your health.


Drugs harm the body, drugs harm the mind. We need both in order to escape from the reality that is suffering. Drugs cloud our conciousness, they hide the truth behind illusions. You cannot use drugs to liberate yourself from attachment because an attachment to the drugs will arise. You must do it yourself…
“Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care”
– Siddhartha Gautama –


Rev. Ted Haggard would undoubtedly say “yes”, considering that he likes to buy drugs — for those “spiritual” experiences.


You know what I think my friend. It’s like the halls of Amente, I hope i spelled that right. It is a place that mens thoughts manifest in that moment. It is the same for drugs that can expand your mind. I did acid once, and me being sensitive it enhanced everything for me triple fold. But it opened up my mind in ways I cannot explain. It shows you that everything right down to a box of empty cigarettes can mean something if we want it too. And that the significance of ourselves learning about ourselve without really looking from the eyes of ourselves. It was like I was another person watching myself. I could see my actions as an observer, so i was much more aware of them. It was definitely an experience, that was positive and negative in it’s own way.
Just as we as men(or in my case woman are) I wish you well


Of course.

Lucky Fokker

LSD triggers the euphooric part of our brain and gives one the spirirual experience, I have experienced it many times in the past. Same with magic mushrooms. It’s cool and it stays with you.


Depends on who’s doing it and how and why.

split dog

Considered it.. definitely curious ..knew some who tried the 60s.
Mixed reports, read Carlos Castaneda instead.
My limited research led me to believe (that) cultures that use hallucinogens in religious rites consider them to be “sacraments”& not recreational at all.
If you have the personal discipline to use these drugs expressly to explore your own spirituality , why not ,except for the fact that they are illegal & could be dangerous.


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