Home Discussion Forum Can God transfer thoughts to us using telepathy?

Can God transfer thoughts to us using telepathy?

In other words, can God speak to us through our thoughts?


  1. Probably. . .Or at Least He gives us messages in hidden ways to help us.
    I like your avatar picture. . .u should have included Will Turner too.

  2. God can only speak to you if you believe in him. You can basically make him say whatever you want, even though God will want you to want him to say the right thing. Basically, it’s just your conscience. Just about everybody has one. It is a sence of morals and virtues. If you have them and believe in God, you will be able to comunicate with God.

  3. Oh, I definitely believe that he can! The angel Gabriel told Mary that she was going to have a son named Jesus. And an angel came to Joesph in his sleep, in a dream, and really dreams are thoughts while we sleep. So I do think He can, because nothing is impossible with God! There are so many different ways that God communicates to us.


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