Can global warming scientists be compared to those people who created crop circles for aliens?

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The crop circle people had people believing that aliens created them. Until they got caught.
Global warming scientists have people believing that global warming is true until a e-mail trail of deceit was found and now people are totally skeptical. Two major climate scientiest have been suspended from their jobs, NASA is under fire for failure to release climate data to independant researchers, and a University of Illnois scientist writes a email basically threatening the Washington Post that they will be cut off from any information if they continue to be global warming skeptics.

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Unhappy New Year ):

Micheal Mann and the other guy both stepped down! PEOPLE! HELLO!~ They lied ! Who would quit a job if they were not guilty! Its so sad that the liberal left media is not telling about this story! All they talk about is who hacked the emails? It wasn’t even HACKED! It was public info! Freedom of information act is why the emails came out!

EPA job killers!

Yes they both support junk science.

Ms Stevie II, the prequel

The truth is that the e-mails do little to change the overwhelming scientific consensus on the reality of man-made climate change.
Skeptics of global warming, who have long considered climate change a fraud, refer to the incident as “Climategate,” with obvious intimations of scandal and cover-up. Advocates of action on warming call it “Swifthack,” a reference to the 2004 character attacks on presidential candidate Senator John Kerry by the group then known as Swift Boat Veterans for Truth – in other words, an invented scandal propagated by conservatives and the media that does nothing to change the scientific case for climate change.

Pea Pod

I think it is a good analogy.


And you notice today they are accusing the AGW skeptics being like the ones who made crop circles.
Yesterday they were comparing skeptics to flat earthers. But I set them straight on that pretty quick.
So right on cue, today they found some other form of projection.
Must have been in this morning’s talking points.


You can compare a turnip to a laptop, too. Does that apply here?
Those emails were not written for the public eye. I’m sure if they had known that someone would hack their files, they would have written them in simple enough language for people like you to understand. So “using so and so’s cheat” would have been written, “using his adjustment figures”.
The crop circle people were doing it for a lark. Global warming scientists are trying to save the planet.


The same people who were skeptical before are skeptical now. People across the world are losing their very nations, their lives and food supplies to the climate change caused in part by the greed of industrialized nations. And you cons are still too selfish and lazy to make changes in the face of ample evidence! You seize on a couple statements in an e-mail as evidence that you don’t have to change your ways and turn a blind eye to the people suffering. This is a very real problem and you guys are throwing up a strawman in order to continue your self-centered, short-sighted materialistic lifestyle. No one lives else lives like Americans do, and thousands of people will soon be dying so that you can live better than any medieval king. Have you no shame at all? No sense of responsibility for the harm you cause to people who never did anything to you?

Super Æ

yes. one hacked, out of context e-mail disproves it all.
Some people are so simple minded that If I sent out an e-mail saying the President wasn’t born in America, they’d probably belie…
oh, wait. nevermind.


Ms. Stevie cites Time magazine for references…Time became irrelevant to journalism years ago when they became the shill for marxist in this nation. Time is to journalism what Daffy Duck is to the academy awards. NUTTIN’ HONEY!! But, crop circles required some intellect and planning and a desire to do something creative….hey…wait…THOSE GUYS ARE SMART!! Climate change science is just what I get on the bottom of my shoe when I clean the dog’s kennel.

Paul Grassâ„¢

Yes that is an accurate comparison


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