Home Discussion Forum Can genuine self-knowledge be attained through one's own meditation or introspection?

Can genuine self-knowledge be attained through one's own meditation or introspection?

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  1. Yes! Introspection is a great way to learn about yourself as long as you are as honest as possible. Examine your past behaviour and try and figure out why you have acted in such a way and how you have learned from those decisions. Study how people react toward you and compile evidence to get the best idea of how people honestly percieve you. This is a constant excercise.

  2. that’s the hard question for psychologist and cognitive sciences. i think eventually, scientist will realize the limitations of science and it cannot adequately answer this uncharted area of knowledge. it will give way to a new more powerful paradigm. i think introspection is required do discover the new paradigm.

  3. Genuine self knowledge can only be attained by meditation, introspection and objective observation.
    Otherwise, one would only be parroting that those who have been previously said and / or realized.
    One must also question that which he or she has been told / taught, as well as that which one thinks that he or she understands.
    This is one the most basic teachings of Buddhism and one of its distinguishing characteristics. The Buddha told his followers to even question everything he said and to personally accept nothing until one had found the same to be true for themselves.
    Be well.

  4. When you meditate, you are in communion with the life force that pervades and saturates the entire universe. Introspective inquiry enables us to understand our role within the environment in which we live. I believe the two can lead to knowledge of the self if practiced with earnest and diligence.

  5. Yes,it is possible for only chosen few and it is arduous.
    Attaining self-knowledge is extremely easy through
    a person who has attained it.

  6. yeah, I believe we already know everything deep inside, we just need to have the access to that source of knowledge inside us which is possible only by meditating

  7. Oh but of course. 🙂 In theory all of it can be obtained this way, although in practice… maybe not so much. Interestingly, even without any outside stimuli at all, the brain will create its own through hallucination… not that I think sensory deprivation will lead you to a smiling fat man under a tree, but the implications are just astounding.

  8. BOTH! I think for individuals to truly seek themselves it takes aspects of both of these.
    I think meditation would be beneficial because it is a way of connecting to your soul in a spiritual way, implementing the concept of clear silence. During meditation, you are suppose to clear your mind of everything. No thoughts, period. If you really achieve this, I think it is in that silence that God comes to you, and guides you in every area of your life.
    And with your own introspect of looking on the inside, I think the first important fact is you are making the energy and effort to want to know who you are in this world. This gives you an edge with understanding other people and how to approach them to be sensitive to their needs.
    Recently I read an analogy or metaphor that described humans equality. It went a little like this…..
    We are all equal in that we were all born with a life size diamond on the inside of us. It is a perfect, colorless and flawless diamond. The only problem is that it is covered in dirt and black tar. And the only thing that will remove that dirt and tar is the individual who wants to know thyself, who wants to dig deep and understand what makes them ultimately unique, and who wants to make the effort to become a beautiful soul to others. With each step, and every effort, more and more of that dirt is polished off, and more and more of the beautiful facets shine and sparkle through onto the outside. Remember, we all have that diamond, but so many people don’t want to do the hard work to buff and polish. I think mine is actually heart shaped =)!!! I am NOW buffing and polishing that stone everyday. This is one of my missions, as I have already noticed with the little polishing so far… that it is changing my life, and guiding me in the right direction for everything I need to be doing.
    So – as you see paying attention and seeking who you are on the inside has grand effects and results to change your life!
    Thanks for reading!

  9. Meditation has its own purpose, but does not give self-knowledge. Introspection, more specificall self inquiry, is the way to gain self-knowledge.
    One must look into the “I” and “I-thought” to see from where it originates. Everything after that is mental concept and content accumulated through life – but that has no relation to wno/what you really are.
    ~ Eric Putkonen

  10. According to Bhagavad-gita 4th chap text 34.
    ” Just try to learn the truth by approaching the spiritual master, inquire from him submissively and render service unto him, for the self-realised soul can impart the knowledge unto you, because he has seen the truth.” Also elsewhere in the Vedic literature it is stated: acaryavan puruso veda. The spiritual master can give all knowledge for self-realisation contained within the Vedas. The knowledge of spiritual life is handed down from spiritual master to disciple in an unbroken chain of disciplic succession over thousands of years. This is known as the parampara system. There are four main chains in this world and each also has it’s sub-divisions generally known as parivaras, or spiritual families. The knowledge of self=realisation or God consciousness is handed down very carefully in these chains so that one can approach the persons in these chains and due to their instruction and association become realised also. But we need the association of those who are in knowledge to get the knowledge and to take back to them what we have understood to make sure it is correct. Also a mood of submissive devotional enquiry has to be adopted, and by the association of those who have that mood, we also will adopt that same mood in time. Just as an iron rod put in the fire eventually develops the same qualities as the fire and becomes red hot. So, the same with associating with the spiritually advanced souls. The more we associate with them, the more we will become like them. I leave it there. Thank you for your question. Much appreciated. Take care. Best wishes. GOURANGA GOURANGA GOURANGA

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