Home Discussion Forum can everyone see auras or is it something your born with ?

can everyone see auras or is it something your born with ?

And do you think auras are tied into a gut feeling when you sense something is wrong?
I started seeing auras when i was 11yrs of age and was just wondering if anyone else could.


  1. if it was, ud have children ask, “what is that strange color around u…”
    but yes i do believe people give of feelings like that. for instance i can look at certain people and tell i wont like them, and when i do meet them i was right i didnt like them. they just gave off that strange sense.

  2. We all have that ability; anyone can learn to see auras. Most people do not practice it though. And some people can feel them rather than see them. Like with everyone sometimes one sense is stronger then another. Yes, the “gut feeling” is tied into it.

  3. Some are born with the ability while others train themselves to see auras. When you walk pass a person and get a certain Feeling, that is because your aura has come too near or encountered the other persons aura. I don’t believe it’s what gives you that gut feeling when something is wrong though but it can work as a warning device…if you listen to it.

  4. Cool my best friend can see auras. They are tied to ur feelings. I go to Church and stuff but my friend is a witch. He tells me alot of things. Are you one 2?

  5. Normal people can only see it through imagination. You just have to see the energy the person is pushing out through their pores. Others, can see colors connected to letters and numbers. These can mix together when sentances are made. A very special few can actually see the fumes rising from humans, animals, and plants. I’ve yet to hear the specifications from the voices of these people so I don’t know all the facts.

  6. No, everyone does not see them usually only those very spiritual people and I have know of seeing auras before having a seizure .not me personally but a girl I use to know saw them right before having a seizure

  7. I think it’s something you’re born with and a very rare talent. However, some of Doreen Virtue’s books are supposed to teach you to see auras.
    I’m not sure that it’s really tied into your gut feelings. That’s more intuition or ESP.

  8. You can see them, even if you´re blind.
    This ability can be developed.
    Read Hands of Light (Barbara Ann Brennan) or The Third Eye (Tuesday Lobsang Rampa). Allan Kardec gives a more scientific approach, but also explains the phenomenon.
    Paz, irmão.

  9. I can see only a white light around some people. And only sometimes. I’m a Christian and I haven’t told many people this. I don’t know any of you so I don’t care-lol
    Once I saw a missionary from Russia and he glowed this white light like 2 feet around him!
    Ok there I said it..whew.

  10. It is something you are born with, my friends have tried to do when i told them how and they still cant do it. I can see anyone and anythings aura. I am a catholic and christian but get this i have seen aura since i was a baby and now i am 12 it is probably most definitely something you are born with.

  11. I could see aura since birth I can feel and use my aura unlike other that practice I don’t believe other can learn but can gain from others like me. There is no color and no light it an ability few have and it annoys me to see people say those things about colors and feelings cuz u can’t feel that junk there is aura in everything like spirits tree or anything living and u can use aura from objects to heal and to heal others I would know and I’m only 16 I’ve never practice I just do most of my family can as while.

  12. I have been able to see the from around the age of 7.
    Later on I met ssomeone else who claimed to be able to see them too. We didn’t realy beleave it was real so we tested each other by writing down the aura color (yes we bothe see them as a color, a small band of colored heat wave like stuff) of a person and we ended up writing down the same thing.
    Anyway, thought you people might like this.

  13. I do see auras and feel them too. I thought it was normal 😐 up until yesterday. I did some research and found a TON of stuff. It’s not like I’d go up to people and say, “What is that HORRIBLE color around you.” I just ignore it.


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