Can energy exist even when it can't be created nor destroyed?





If energy can’t be created. Then it can’t exist because it never was created.
If energy exist. Then it was created.
Science can’t explain energy because it contradicts itself. Meaning science can’t explain energy because it is unscientific or supernatural.
What do you guys think, was it created or not?


  1. So was your god created? If he can not be he must not exist. Just like you say.
    No it was not created, it always existed. It is also NOT unscientific nor supernatural.
    Ethan Rae: all of those thing are transfers of energy, not creation or destruction of it. sorry.

  2. It does which implies that it’s eternal.
    There is also the possibility that it’s only in equilibrium with anti-energy, thus the net is zero.

  3. It was made such that it can’t be added to or subtracted from.
    Mom gives the kids 5 cookies to share, they can do whatever they want in the distribution, but it will still be a sum of 5 cookies.
    God is not subject to the nature He gives to what is created — of course.

  4. I’m pretty sure we create energy everyday in our bodies. Energy can be created and destroyed. A fire is a good example of this.

  5. There is obviously a flaw in your logic.
    If there wasn’t, this message would have never gotten from my computer screen, to the message board, to your computer screen.

  6. I think Lawrence Krauss once mentioned in a lecture that empty space has energy in quantum world, also there is a so called dark energy which is being continuously created as space expands. Energy that pushes space even faster.

  7. You’re incorrect on several points — you really should study some actual science instead of getting it from creationist web sites.
    First, the law of thermodynamics that says energy can’t be created or destroyed applies only to our space/time universe. Simply because we don’t know (and can’t study) if that’s the case before/after our universe’s existence, in other dimensions, etc. And since the evidence shows our universe began from a concentrated singularity of pure energy, there’s no contradiction. In our universe, no energy has been created or destroyed. Where it was before our universe, or what it was before our universe…we don’t know. Yet.
    Keep in mind, if you’re going to claim (without evidence) that some god that has existed forever made energy, then I can claim (without evidence) that energy has simply existed forever, and there’s no need for a god to create it. Occam’s razor applies, and your god concept is worthless.
    Next time try to think things through first, ok?

  8. I think that the more times you ask questions like these, the more idiotic you appear.
    By all means, keep it up.
    But, in all seriousness, the correct logical argument actually goes like this. Please note that you’ve also misquoted the conservation law.
    1: Matter/energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another. That includes converting energy to matter and vice-versa via E=MC²
    2: Matter/energy exist.
    3: Therefore, matter/energy can’t have ever “not existed.” Something must have always been there, in some form or another.
    4: Nothing supernatural is indicated.

  9. just come out and say it already. you want to say “god did it” so just do it. in case you are interested there may be a loophole in the 1st law because the total net energy of the universe is zero, so theoretically you can get one from nothing

  10. Duality is a law in the Universe. Everything in the Universe moves in cycles. Energy = matter which opposite is anti-matter, which re-cycled becomes matter again.

  11. >”Then it can’t exist because it never was created.”
    What created God? If God doesn’t need a cause, why does energy? For that matter, if you believe that *God* can exist without being created, why is it difficult to imagine the *universe* existing without a first cause?
    (Unless your argument goes “Everything except God needs a cause to exist; the universe exists; therefore God must exist so he could have created it.” Which is just illogical because you’re begging the question, by putting the conclusion right into your first premise.)
    Anyway, (il)logic aside, human ignorance doesn’t point to anything but human ignorance. There may or may not be a perfectly scientific explanation for energy… the fact that we don’t know for sure doesn’t offer evidence one way or the other.

  12. the power from god created everything,,,what is spirit ,,,what is soul,,,, you will know the truth ,,,after you,re dead….what is heaven,, who created heaven ,,we all know that….god,,,and jesus christ amen amen and amen….

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