Can energy be produced on earth similar to the way energy is produced on the sun?

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fusion research is ongoing, and energy can be produced that way, but not economically. if they find a way to get more energy out than in, it will completely change the world economy.


On the sun, nuclear fusion takes place inside the sun’s core, and that’s what gives it it’s energy. Nuclear Fusion can only take place in very high temperatures, and the core of the sun is about 15 million degrees Celsius, which is hot enough for it to take place. On Earth, that cannot happen because temperatures are not high enough. Although with solar panels and such, we can get energy from the sun.

Delta V

It can, yes…but only temporarily. The sun produces its energy through Einstein’s familiar e = mc² and the same process occurs when a hydrogen bomb is detonated. The big difference is that the sun does e = mc² continuously, while the best we can do is for a tiny fraction of a second.


No. At least probably not.
The sun produces energy by fusion.
In the case of the sun it is the fusion of 4 hydrogen nuclei to form 1 helium nucleus.
But that does not mean people aren’t trying.
Because success would give man a virtually limitless power supply. And the fuel is deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen, that can be obtained from sea water.
Even if the project ends in failure, science will still be a winner. Because we gain insights into the fusion process.
So far, energy produced has been significantly less than the energy input.
A quote from the Wikipedia article on Fusion Power.
“As of July 2010, the largest experiment was the Joint European Torus (JET). In 1997, JET produced a peak of 16.1 megawatts (21,600 hp) of fusion power (65% of input power), with fusion power of over 10 MW (13,000 hp) sustained for over 0.5 sec.
Hardly a cause for celebration just yet.



Billy Butthead

They have tried to produce fusion in several ways but the technology to do it still eludes scientists.

bob m

not in vaste quantities like the sun,but they are experimenting on a smaller scale,in usa and japan,also other countries.

John R

Yes, and they have already don it several times, America and Russia so for are the only countries that has been able to create the same energy as the sun, and it is called the H-Bomb, or more the other name Hydrogen Bomb.
The sun fuses Hydrogen into Helium, the sun has the power of billions of hydrogen bombs going off ever second across it’s mass.



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