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Can ego attach to spiritual growth?

I am just wondering if my ego didn’t morph from earthly desires to spiritual ones.
No thumbs down from me–all answers are accepted and appreciated 🙂
I am going to have to put this question to a vote as well. I feel like I have been in a state of deep confusion recently, lol. All of the answers are wonderful and I don’t feel qualified to pick a BA this time.
Thank you all for answering! Love and light to you all 🙂


  1. ego is another word for pride which god hates!one who believe in god must not think that he is responsible for all the great things because it is god who is responsible for them!!!

  2. OH YES
    A big yes
    the more you know the more IT BECOMES BIGGER
    THIS is the dangerous part
    When you know that you know then who is really knowing ?
    you gotta ask yourself that allways
    I sometimes know that the ego knows when I feel heavy
    when I dont feel heavy I know who understands and realise and not only know
    very good question, this is what I was thinking about the whole day and somewhat this question and the thing i was thinking about kinda synchronized

  3. I think, kasey, that we have two egos, one “animal” and one Divine. The two can never meet and the Divine only manifests as the lower is paralyzed… I think. Morphing is an interesting thought.

  4. Hi there Kasey!
    Pride … (in our imperfect life) is hard to handle . It can be Boastful and self righteous.
    With out sin and being as perfect humans we would have no problems with a prideful ego.Our pride would be directed towards our knowledge of our creator.Instead of our selves. If you can control it, an ego is not self assuming. It gives thanks for knowledge and wisdom to God.
    That is a problem for many religions that Jesus said would tickle the ears of it’s listeners. While claiming to give thanks to God,they look at it as ,they are the only instrument as head of the church. When in actuality it is all people not just the leader.
    So yes if you know how to use an ego,it can be used for spiritual growth!
    Peace and prosperity to you Dear Kasey!

  5. Generally, ego mars the spiritual growth as it separates from the unity with all that exist and build a castle/identity of its own, assumes ownership, doer-ship, consumer-ship that is unnecessary as the unique identity given by Nature to each one of us so full, vast and complete and merges with the perfect Order with which the whole creation is run. Ego disturbs that Order, prevents spirituality(Peace and Unity) and contribute to misery on earth by disobeying that Order such as pollution, environmental degradation, crime and so on – all anti spiritual!

  6. Excellent, yes…thank you for paying attention to what you, as an ego, are experiencing, and not just what other people and books say.
    Those who believe otherwise will never see it.
    The ego can be tamed and trained and enlightened.

  7. “Ego and actual spiritual growth are inversely related.”
    Spirituality takes you towards God and once you have experienced his pleasant presence, you will totally forget you and ur ego and this is called salvation.
    A Hindi Writer RamaVriksha Benipuri wrote in one of his stories about his first flight in an aeroplane , ” The higher you soar, the more rapidly all the boundaries of the earth disappears, all the outskirts, boundaries, patches of fields become a united and one face of the earth.”
    In the same way when you uplift in the plane of spirituality, all the boundries of ego and discriminations vanish and there remains only you and Him and finally only Him.

  8. Such an insightful question.
    Yes ego can definitely attach itself to spiritual growth. In fact it undoubtedly does.
    The last thing the ego wants is annihilation. It changes tactics and tells us how well we are doing on the spiritual path.
    How to recognise?
    Any sort of striving for results will be ego based, any sort of sense of belief.
    The below quote gives some insight into how the ego acts in relation to our spiritual endeavours.
    Quote from ACIM:
    Belief is an ego function, and as long as our true origin is open to belief we are regarding it from an ego viewpoint.
    When learning is no longer necessary we will merely KNOW God.
    Belief that there is another way of perceiving, is the loftiest idea of which ego thinking is capable. That is because it contains a hint of recognition that the ego is not the Self
    The ego is the mind’s belief that it is completely on its own. The ego’s ceaseless attempts to gain the spirit’s acknowledgement and thus establish its own existence are useless. Spirit in its knowledge is unaware of the ego.
    End Quote
    Kasey, I am aware that at this point ALL my spiritual endeavours are still ego based. I still do not just KNOW or come from a point of KNOWING.
    I think there are a few people on this site who do come from a point of Knowing. So hopefully it is achievable one day, or one millenium.
    “The Dewdrop slips into the Eternal Sea.” I try to invoke this image as I feel it perhaps holds a truth of egolessness that may help me.

  9. Well of course it can — that’s the nature of it. Can’t have an adult without having a teenager first, you know! In fact, most of those that disclaim ego are probably stuck right in the middle of it.
    Most people get over the “I” concept of ego soon after the terrible twos, and instead begin to develop an individual persona which is the vehicle which we use to identify ourselves and integrate into society, beginning with the family. It’s a necessary thing to do.
    Usually by middle age, we begin to see the difficulty this creates for our inner selves, and look to trade the Clunker in on something more viable and environmentally conscious. Too bad the ‘Spititual Government’ isn’t offering any cash rebates for this at the moment!

  10. Spiritual desire are not earthly so they can not morph from earthly desires. Although, some earthly desire like want more out of your life, or feeling you need a friend, can leave you open to excepting spiritual gifts from God.
    Ego on the other hand can get in the way of your spiritual growth.

  11. Sounds like what you are referring to is a form of “spiritual materialism.”
    The only thing that matters is direct experience–the rest is just an interpretation of a temporary formation.

  12. I used to believe in the concept of “no ego” or totally trying to suppress the ego’s desires but over the years I found that to feel very unnatural and unhealthy to me. Yes, I think that the ego can evolve and that maybe our soul teaches our ego. When we act from a place of spirit, maybe the ego observes and eventually begins to be proactive and included in such things. If a person strives to live a spiritual life, day in and day out, the ego really has no choice but to follow suit or be ignored…and the ego can’t stand to be ignored. 😉
    Over the years, I have found that the ego has it’s place in our lives and that it doesn’t have to be a constant enemy. And anyways…it’s kind of messed up concept…to be having an inner battle with yourself for your entire life. I think that we were made with everything we need to be successful, this includes our ego. It all works together…somehow. 😉
    BTW, this is a really good question.
    In light of reading all the other answers, I want to add one thing. We might be spiritual beings having a physical experience but we are still also physical beings in a physical world. I do not think that the only job of the ego is to be selfish, prideful, controlling etc. Our ego helps us survive, it is definitely helpful when you have to do the hard work of deciding if someone in your life is not good for you, the ego will provide you with the hard core truth and remind you of what is best for you. There are two sides to the coin of ego. 😉

  13. You actually have to let go of your ego for Spiritual growth.
    The ego has a mind of its own.
    The ego is part of your nature which is your hardest critic.
    The ego needs to be fed and so does the Spirit.
    You cant adequately feed both.
    Once you let go of your ego, your path becomes easier.
    The way you perceive situations in your life will become clearer.
    Your responses((instead of reacting)) will be more of a loving nature.

  14. Fantastic question, and I agree with some of the other answers, as the answer is a big YES.
    And actually it is a good thing.
    We cannot get rid of our ego (our selfish desire for pleasures), or suppress it, but we have to learn how to direct this desire.
    Our desire is all that we have, we are a desire, this is our matter.
    So we cannot get rid of it, if we try it will just come back stronger, and I think we can find countless examples from our lives.
    In our spiritual path we are progressing on 3 lines.
    The left line is our ego, and more and more of it is revealed as we go on.
    On the right line we have the godly qualities of love and bestowal, and with the help of those we can balance the left line, and combining the two we can build a middle line, sort of balancing as the circus artist on the high rope.
    When we arrive to the final correction we still have a huge ego, but it is balanced, and used for the optimal purpose with the right intention.
    I hope it is at least partly understandable, but for clearer explanation I would recommend the following link:
    All the best.

  15. This is a very good question, and I feel one that is beyond me to answer, but here are my thoughts anyway–!
    Have you ever read anything by Jorge Luis Borges? I am thinking in particular of his short story, ‘The Immortal’. In it, there is depicted a group of people (described as dog-like) living in caves and drinking brackish water out in the wilderness. They do not speak, and they appear to be brutish and inferior to the narrator who comes across them. It is revealed later, that these dog-people have achieved immortality by drinking the stagnant, filthy water of the river of life. Over the years of their endless existence, they sample every pleasure, and one by one they are discarded. No finite pleasure, they think, can satisfy their infinite desire. But they have already found what they seek. Contemplation is their great pleasure–the working mind, the translator of stimulus to sensation–is the thinker, the seeker, the spirit perhaps the greatest hedonist of all?
    I have seen the Ego as corruption–the ties that bind us to the earthly experience, and by its nature transitory and illusory. In a sense, this notion has the support of science–the brain is a perceptive tool, which picks up signals and interprets them in a way that we have evolved to find meaning in, but the signal itself matters less than the singular interpretations that our minds inflict upon us. We could be ‘seeing’ anything, or nothing.
    What Westerners like myself call ‘Eastern’ spirituality or philosophy often posits that the Ego is a false division, and I think this is a good way to look at it. If we are all atoms, all no more and no less a part of the universe than a stone, or a tree, or time, or space, then the idea of the I against the It, the self and the other, the spectator watching the game through the eye sockets of its hollow head–this is a misguided conception. For a good number of years now this has been my thinking, but, now, I cannot help but feel that this notion does not go far enough.
    The question for me is, can we distinguish between ‘earthly’ desires and ‘spiritual’ desires? Is it not enough that we do not accept, whether our unacceptance is corporeal or not?
    Feel your heartbeat. The rhythm gives the lie to the mind/body dichotomy, if we would just listen it tells us, ‘I am I am I am I am’. What is the Ego but the fantasy of matter? What is the spirit but the fantasy of the Ego? We conflate the concepts of ‘selfishness’ and ‘earthly’ with the Ego for good reason, but the spirit quest, the journey to higher truth, the ultimate realisation–nirvana, moksa, enlightenment, heaven, the Elysian fields–is this path not as much chosen selfishly? I cannot speak for others, but my motives are never clear enough to me for me to say, ‘In this I am selfless’. There is always this lure of power, of status, of ‘I am searching’ set against those who we see as not searching.
    Our lives, our thoughts, our heart beating, these whisper ‘I am’, but if we could just listen to those around us, and hear the voice of another, we might hear instead ‘we are we are’. But what can mere atoms hear?
    We try to escape the Ego, and free ourselves of it, but I have come to believe that we are it, inescapably. This is the thing that is. My spiritual path seems to have stolen my spirit, and I now find myself looking at a new materialism. I’ve picked the lock on my cell only to find that the guards are imprisoned too–!
    I fear that whatever sense I may have made initially has descended into incoherency, and in any case, I am unsure of what exactly I am attempting to say, so I shall leave it there, with one last thought made far more poetically than I could ever manage.
    To quote the title of the famous painting, ‘Et in Arcadia ego’. Even in Arcadia I am.
    Much peace and blessings to you, as ever 🙂

  16. check this out.
    i’m sure you have seen the below before…i use it all the time.
    Enlightenment is the ego’s ultimate disappointment.
    – Trungpa Rimpoche
    this is one of my favorite quotes ever…whenever i get caught up in my growth..or obsessed with certain theories…or if i get in discussions about certain concepts i like to recite it and think if what i am doing is for a good reason…or simply to stroke my ego…i am a competitor at heart…i like winning things..on some level it makes me feel better…and i am often worried that my so called “spiritual” growth is nothing more then an attempt to understand mysteries that others take for granted and then impress them with my witty banter and actions every so often.
    I could write a book about your question but what i am trying to get at is that their are definite earthly rewards for spiritual growth..which inherently makes me skeptical of our true motives for such growth. spiritual enlightenment has made me a happier person…it has warded off much pain that i would have had if not for my studies and understandings…and it has provided me with a certain status…and all of these things are what the ego seeks to obtain…so enlightenment and spiritual growth have become one more on my watch list of things i am doing that may not be true to my higher self.

  17. I believe that if one desires spiritual growth then you must have your ego controlled. Battles between the flesh and the spirit have always existed and will always exist. Paul said, “I die daily”, this to me means that you have to “kill” your ego or it will cloud your relationship with God. If your relationship with God is not pure then what is there to be gained by having that relationship? If your ego is altering what God is trying to tell you then all is wasted.

  18. If you say anything’ you are not yourself.
    but are we to remain silent?
    That is why those ones used parables. and you will never allow your self to attain something that ..
    if you speak they hear.
    if you think they listen and consider.. sometimes they’ think and you’ consider. but all this is a devine Abomination.
    and no matter what you will never allow any of it.
    good day ms.pink


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