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Can drugs take you to a higher form of consciousness? how do i learn about it

I’m not going to take it, I was just listening tool – 3rd eye, and i wanted to be educated.


  1. Take some!
    Just kidding. Drugs aren’t as bad (in my opinion) as the media ‘cracks’ them up to be (I’m talking class C here), but the tendency is, once you get that high, to go back more and more often which sucks.
    If you have an addictive or weak personality and it’s likely you’ll start to abuse it – leave it well alone. There is simply not sufficient research to suggest any ‘illegal’ drugs are safe. Or overly harmful for that matter.
    It’s a quandry.

  2. it does. you focus more and are more alert of your surroundings (depending on the drug). you should talk to drug users.

  3. They can, but can also send you to the lowest low you have ever felt plus drugs are dangerous so don’t be stupid.

  4. Find the website Erowid.com and read up on various experiences for different drugs. Start with what you know and then look up the other more promenant drugs like Acid, Shrooms, Cocaine, etc. There will be several experiences documented for many different drugs. Try to read both negative and positive experiences to give you an idea of how the mind “feels” during a high.

  5. Well, they take you away from reality, and make it almost impossible to use your senses successfully. However, this does make what you are experiencing interesting, and very trippy, so yeah. It takes you away from reality, but in the form of your cognition, it does become kind of unexplainable, like smelling colors and seeing sounds.

  6. Personally i think that drugs just activate parts of your brain you aren’t normally using. In other words the ‘people’ you talk to on your trips are all in your head. If there is a drug that takes you to a higher consciousness though…it is DMT. And you learn about it just like you learn about anything else…


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