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Can dreaming alter the awakened state?

I got into lucid dreaming two years ago. When I first learned about it I put a lot of effort into trying remembering my dreams better and attempting to have a lucid dream. During that time, I would get excessive “Déjà Vu” feelings while I was awake. They came at a scary amount- sometimes three times a day.
Then for perhaps seven months I became pretty busy and was not able to put a lot of effort like I had before into dreaming.
Now I’ve started again. And again, those excessive “Déjà Vu” feelings are coming back.
I don’t know much about Déjà vu. I’ve heard so many things about it from being “brain glitches” or something spiritual. And I don’t know if it is possible that I am actually concentrating on dreaming so much to the point it is altering my mentality.
And for anyone who does not know- a lucid dream is one where you are in control of yourself while still realizing you are in a dream.
I’ve asked this elsewhere, but also wanted to ask it under spirituality.


  1. Yes, especially when I’m dreaming about him. I miss him so much, when will I see him again? I think and dream about him all day and night. I take long walks so I can plan what I will say if I just happen to ..run into him. I stand in the mirror and practice facial expressions to use if he ever says something funny, or sad. I write poetry about him that I would share with him if we got married someday.
    I haven’t seen him in 3 years, I wonder if he remembers me. I wonder of he thinks about me, I wonder if he’s moved on.
    We only talked once, it was a brief conversation ..but sweet. His words replay over and over in my mind every day. The way his lips moved, the way he smiled, the way he said “I’m not interested”, and “We can be friends”. He didn’t mean it.
    I knew from the first time I saw him we were meant to be together, no one can tear us apart.
    He’s in college now, he goes to Harvard. I keep an A+ average for him, so one day.. I can go to Harvard too, and be with him. I joined all the acedemic clubs and took all the hardest classes because he said he liked smart girls. Everything I do is for him, I love him.
    And if he’s moved on and forgotten all about me, he’ll always be mine. I’ll follow him until the day I die, he is my destiny.

  2. I have had this happen several times. I had a dream that someone was murdered in a hotel and then I was chaperoning a high school trip and we pulled up to the same hotel…4 hours away from my home! We stayed the night and no one was murdered that I know of =) This has happened a few times and it always seems to be at far away places that I have never been to before. It is eary!

  3. When you are dreaming, you are in an altered state of consciousness. There are different levels such as alpha
    and theta etc, and these dream states do indeed affect the consciousness. While in these states, you are tuned into the higher energy frequenices of light – the higher dimensional consciousness of Being, and they actually help us on our journey in our awakened beta state of mind. You are possibly experiencing what is called “The Awakening” as the Time is Now. Higher energy frequencies integrate with our Being and we raise in Consciousness. When this takes place, you will be able to See and Feel the spiritual dimensional realms of existence. This Is Real, and you are right on purpose. You are actually tuning INTO everything AS interconnected energy. This is really no different than tuning INTO a radio station you wish to hear, you only need to tune into it’s Same energy frequency. You will become highly sensitive to energy, you will see auras around people and objects, you will begin to see orbs which are entities of light, you will experience the Deja Vu in a simultaneous reality of Now, you will begin to download messages from the Higher within your very own Being, you will open up to your true telepathic communion of the ONEness of All.
    You will also experience physical sensations which are energy currents flowing through your physical system. Currents within the head, tingling sensations, possible headaches as higher strands of DNA are being activated that have been dormant for 3D experience here on the Earth plane. You may experience some dizziness or disorientation as your energy resonance may fluctuate within the frequencies of the multi-dimensions. There is MUCH to experience and it is Glorious!….there is nothing to fear.
    The answer to your question is yes. The dream state absolutely affects us. It is subconscious revealing itself into the conscious to awaken into the SuperConscious state of Being, your True Authentic Self.
    This is not a belief, this is experience and remembrance.
    This IS – truly Waking Up – to your Higher Self of BEing.
    Continue to follow your heart and your intuition, for your
    soul, Knows.
    Lucid dreaming, is an actual experience of the multi-dimensional realities. I have them too.
    You may also have out of body experiences which DO take place. Please remember to “ground” yourself to the earth realm, and enjoy your experiencing!
    We are truly limitless Beings! We are not just human beings having a few moments of spritituality now and then……we are spiritual BEings having a human experience,
    and this whole “process” is Fascinating!
    Blessings!……the Awakening Is NOW,
    and it is for ALL who absorb and choose IT’s resonance.


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