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Can dogs sense negative energy? How do I get her to calm down?

Whenever my parents are yelling or fighting, my cockapoo immedietly runs to her “safety” places – upstairs into my room where she hides under my tiny table or the master bedroom and sits next to the bed. She’s smart and I learned a great deal from her – when there’s conflict or negative energy, you just leave.
I have the most dramatic asian parents. Growing up w. it wasn’t easy. As an adult, I’m still scared. They’re just as heated as a volcano errupting. You just sit there anticipating whether someone’s gonna blow up and hit someone, or threaten to leave/kill one selves or all of us, or just hearing loud noises – whether someone’s going to throw/break something or just out of nowhere starts screaming like Tarzan. Yeah, it’s scary. Growing up in the U.S., this type of behavior is “messed up” in my opinion but having parents argue in this way is “normal” in their country. (whatever).
My dog is the most sensitive and I feel for her. Sometimes, I can’t even get her out of my room to go downstairs. She’ll peak out my door and just go back to her hiding place. Sometimes, I wanna leave the house and get away from it myself (even if i’m not involved) but I worry for her.
She’s scared and sometimes, she’ll sit there shaking….how do I get her to calm down?
They don’t yell at my dog – it’s just when they’re arguing w. one another. Typical married, old asian couple


  1. Well dogs are very sensitive to things like that. You can either try and give her a treat and take her mind off of it, or if that doesnt work then just wait until your parents quit arguing. It might suck but for your dog to be calm everything around her needs to be calm. You can try to snuggle her 🙂

  2. of course dogs can! my dogs know when im sick or upset they always know what to do and make me feel better well usually for stuff like that theres not much you can do just have a calming energy and try to mae her feel more relaxed because since yu feel scared it makes the dog feel there is something to fear

  3. Poor little dog.
    She is definitely feeling the negative energy and acting on it, and it will be difficult to help her through that other than when your parents kick off then take her out of the situation and relax with her and let her be normal. Don’t smother her with cuddles as that won’t help.
    Can you not either take her for a walk, sit in the back yard if not dark or wet, or take her to your room and put a radio on or something.
    Difficult one.

  4. It’s a lovely question 🙂
    Anyway, yes dogs can sense all the BAD energy around them :)))
    Your question should be a required reading for many “dog owners” 🙂

  5. Yeah dogs definitely are susceptible to human energy…and pick up on it quite easily. It will help to keep her calm if you stay calm yourself.

  6. Yes, she is afraid of what is going on. If you can, play music and play with her to try and distract her from whatever else is going on. You aren’t going to be able to prevent her from getting upset, it is totally natural, but hopefully you can find a way to drown it all out.

  7. Aside from the [unfair] generalization that yelling and abuse is “normal” in my country, your dog can sense the most minute of hormonal and stress level changes. Yelling is also quite terrifying for any dog, sounds like both you and her are in an unhealthy environment.

  8. That’s really bad. I was in the same situation with my dog. Only my dad wasn’t that terrible and my dog wasn’t that bothered i think because thank god, she’s so stubborn and headstrong.
    Dogs can definitly sense all kinds of energies, tones and moods, even though they dont understand your words. That’s why if you yell at them, they bark back, because they don’t get it. They’re trying to defend themselves. And if she has to run away, that means the situation is so bad, she doesnt even bother to defend herself, which is a very bad sign.
    When a dog is shaking she’s so scared, that’s bad too. I hate it when people toss this word around casually, but that sounds like abuse.
    It’s really bad that you’re parents do that to her. It’s not fair to her, a dog’s life should be carefree and happy.
    I honestly suggest watching the show “Dog Whisperer” because the guy, Ceaser, is a total expert. He’s like a pet physic. We copy everything he does and I can honestly say our dog has become 99% better. And the whole house is so much peaceful and my dad and my dog are like in love now :]
    And if she is shaking. I suggest holding her and saying ‘good girl’ and ‘its okay’ in a very soft, soothing voice while petting her lower back (they say that calms dogs)
    Please do something about this! It is NOT okay!

  9. I’m sorry to hear your parents are yelling and that growing up wasnt easy . Dogs can sense negative energy though tones of voice and movements , when you are trying to calm down your dog make sure you use a calm tone of voice , dont stop talking , just keep talking at a steady calming pace , try not to use stiff , tense movements , let your arms dangle at your sides , try to to tense your shoulders , go down to her eye level and pat/stroke her. Give her food and drink and try to distract her with food or a game , keeping your dog occupied can release stress levels, look at your dogs ears , if one seems higher than the other it means that its the side the dog is most stressed so try smoothing her ear and talking to her . Good Luck ! x

  10. Yes, dogs do feel energy levels of humans and also act on those feelings. If she won’t come to your bedroom try pulling up on her collar and then let go while guiding her into your room. You may want to research about your type of dog to see what you can do for her.
    P.s Not everyone in America is evil

  11. Dogs can hear just like us, and loud noises scare them too. The reason she goes and hides under desk and thing like that is because they are her “safe zone”, and that is a very important thing for dogs. Both of my dogs hide under our desk sometimes too. My suggestion would be to just go up and sit with her on the ground and pet her. This will show her that you two are in the same boat, and that she doesn’t always have to run and hide. Just having your absolute trust will help her more than anything. My dog was the same way when we first got her, and would run from just about anything, but now since I have shown her that she isn’t going to get hurt she is absolutely fine.

  12. Yes I think they can. In fact,I think animals especially dogs and cats,which humans have domesticated for years are alot more intelligent than most people give them credit for. My cat is a nervous wreck alot of times,and I feel this is in large part due to the fact that he stays most of the time with my mom who is a worry wart. I don’t know if you have ever tried this,but I have found when I hug my cat, and try and reassure him and speak to him in a very calm,loving voice it does seem to calm him down some. Also, you could try taking her to a vet, and get some advice as well as some medication that might calm her.

  13. Yes, dogs can tell what our emotions are. She feels your parents anger and your anxiety. The worst thing you can do is to touch or cuddle your dog during these times. You may think this sounds cruel. But by soothing her you are actually telling her it is alright to be scared and that’s the opposite message you want to send. You do want to talk and play with her just not touch her. Use bits of her favourite foods and her favorite toy to engage her and distract her from her fear and make her more comfortable. If she is in your room hiding you want to coax her out with toys or food slowly eventually getting her to follow you out of the room and eventually down stairs closer to the source of the fear until she can be in the same room with your parents when they are arguing. It will take a long time, but if you are consistent and you perservre. This will work, and will be better for your dog. Such high stress just like humans can cause negative health effects. I wish you good luck. And remember, sometimes it’s okay to run and hide from scary things as long as it doesn’t control your life.

  14. Hi,
    My Golden, Sonny, is very similar. He’s 7 years old and when we got him at 6 months he’d been abused, but the pain was too ingrained in his memory, so we’ve had to make ways for him to “cope.” He used to squish himself behind the TV whenever he was scared, and this was no good because it was dangerous with the cords, but it soon gave me this idea:
    I suggest getting a dog crate as her “safety zone” that fits her size appropriately (too much room won’t feel cozy enough, too little room is obviously not good either). Put this crate in a quiet, dark corner of the house. Ours is in our basement. If need be, especially if the crate is only a barred one , cover it with a few quilts or blankets, and put some blankets inside, as well. A few of her favorite toys wouldn’t hurt either, although she’ll probably take these out eventually. The goal is for her to know she can retreat here whenever she’s frightened.
    To teach her what you’re trying to do it’s important that the minute she starts acting upset, lead her to this place and try to calm her with a high pitched voice. Do not shut the crate door (actually we’ve removed the door on ours altogether – kind of defeats the purpose). Shut the lights off. Don’t shut the door to the room, either – make sure she knows this is her own option, and she can come and go as she pleases (the goal being she’ll eventually be brave enough to come out on her own).
    I often sit there with Sonny, sometimes inside the crate itself, and just pet and massage him a bit; you don’t have to know anything professional… all I did was a quick search on pressure points on dogs, and tried to use them. They seem to help. There are tons of other things, such as “stretching” you can try. Here are some links:
    Dog “accupressure”: http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/sample/Dog-Acupressure-Points.html
    Massage and stretching: http://www.siriusdog.com/canine-massage-stretching.htm

  15. omg im asian i know my parents are cray cray too my dad broke my hand once when he was mad. anyway my doggy does the same thing i feel bad for him he just shivers and gives me this look haha i dont think its too much to worry about though


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