Home Discussion Forum Can deep meditation turn a thought into a reality?

Can deep meditation turn a thought into a reality?

If so, how?
My real question is: If in my mind I believe something can and will happen, can or will it?


  1. one day i was hungry. all i could think about was french fries. i thought about it for like 3 hours. then i bought some. my thoughts became my reality and i ate me some fries.
    ps. they were good.

  2. It really depends what you’re “thought” is. If its something personal, such as being able to play an instrument, then meditation may provide you with the determination to do so. However, it’s impossible to influence the behaviour of others or other things around you.

  3. Deep meditation will allow one to observe the nature of thought itself. Thoughts are real thoughts – to some, mini chemical explosions in the brain, to others, given by God and/or the Devil, and for a few expressions of free will. Or are you asking “If I wish for something hard enough, will it happen?”

  4. Meditation originates from spiritual practice in Eastern religions. During meditation, the proper way is to get rid of desires and thoughts and to focus on nothingness, as to gain inner peace. When one meditates with pursuit of something, it defeats the purpose of meditation.
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