can deep breathing exercise can improve lung volume in smokers?

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Terry O

Yes, it can improve it for everybody.

Ivan L

There is no evidence that deep breathing exercises lead to significant improvements in lung volume – the loss of lung volume associated with smoking is due to chronic inflammatory & remodelling changes in the lungs, and cannot be reversed by exercises.
Exercise, however, can improve respiratory muscle function and hence lead to an improved sense of well-being, even in those with COPD.

Woody C

Lung volume is the same whether you are a smoker or not. Deep breathing exercises cannot change this.
Deep breathing exercises can strengthen the diaphragm (the major breathing muscle) and the other muscles associated with breathing. This will make it easier to take a deeper breath.
The body, fortunately, is always making new cells to replace the old. Especially in the lungs. That is why a smoker of numerous years can have lungs that are much healthier when they have quit smoking for a while.
Deep breathing exercises can help speed up this process and make the lungs much healthier.


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