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Can Dangerous Things Happen during Astral Projection?

Well, I’ve Astral Projected many times and during that time, I told a friend about it and she told me to read “Stranger with My Face” by Lois Duncan. After I had read the book, I was shocked to read that the twin sister stole the protagonist’s body while they were both projecting. Can this really happen, or is this just fiction? I mean, if I project is there a high chance that a spirit will steal my body?


  1. Fiction. Your soul is still connected to your body, just make sure you’re in a safe place. Damage to your body would be the only danger.

  2. I do not know about all of that but Yes, it can feel dangerous to you and it can be completely unexpected, liberating and fearful…if you do not know how to keep your emotions in check. Really, getting yourself back has never been a problem…after all, fear and such emotions actually link us to our physical form..It is more the curiosity or enjoyment of such freedom, if you could say, that compels you to go further…still, honestly, fear was there for me…in the back of my being…and I opted to return many times before I felt the experience complete. this practice I have not really developed into practice, although I can not see any side which could really be opposed…considering, all that you are doing is connecting on a higher plain. I, myself would rather develop internally before I venture externally…After all, what do “I” have to add to this experience. I would rather find those answers in the stillness of my very concept of being. _/_

  3. If you are strong enough to astral project you definitely have already a strong self identity and are quite able to avoid letting yourself be utilized in some form of transference which is usually associated to beings who are on the level of game playing with each other for some personal gain such as you would encounter in personal relationships where 2nd and 3rd degree complex transactions occur. But even at that level there are some very interesting transference that do take place but that is only when one has compromised oneself somehow to other than self relationships. Confused? At the astral level, when one goes out there, or in there as the case may be, one learns that in order to make better the experience one must also better oneself and pretty much clean up more the personal act to a level that makes continuance of the astral levels accessible. If one does not do that one gets stuck on a certain level and eventually returns to finish doing what must and should have been done before one starts on such a high spiritual adventure. Good luck and travels.

  4. Yes it can happen! Once your spirit leaves your body you have an empty vessel that needs to be filled and you know nature abhors a vacuum. Your spirit may be tethered to the body in a superficial way but if a stronger spirit comes along …well you know what can happen!

  5. There are precautions you should take, and continually become more conscious while you are out, but you don’t have to worry too much about another entity taking over your body unless you invite them to.
    You are far more powerful then they are.
    Those books that tell you that Astral Projection is dangerous are written by fundamentalist religious folk that are trying to spread fear. Their fear that others will know what they are up to.
    There is much good information available out there. If you can find a teacher who is also a mystic, they can help you greatly to go far further, quicker.
    All the best to you.


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