Home Discussion Forum Can dabbling into lucid dreaming and astral projection harm you?

Can dabbling into lucid dreaming and astral projection harm you?

Will this harm you psychologically if done wrong or anything like that?


  1. Bamma say no. Bamma lucid dream before. Bamma for some reason lose interest. Bamma say took two weeks of exercise to do. Bamma like this. Bamma master something then quit. Bamma become bored. Bamma say only harm come from lack of REM sleep. Bamma say you know what that is. Bamma say lucid dreaming no get REM. Bamma say have fun. Bamma otta know.

  2. Sure, but, if it doesn’t kill you, you’ll learn a lot. I would like to give you a post I made for something better, safer and the natural use of the mind as it is supposed to be used.
    Yeh. Meds are good until we gain more social skills. Emotional Intelligence books push you right along. They cover a lot of topics and the information is so good for everything, that they are a must read anyway. Study intuition also.
    Low self worth and arrogance are either ends of the same stick. Thinking too much about our selves. Thinking of our self is self consciousness. We can’t focus on our self and what we’re doing at the same time so we’re awkward and miss what is going on around us. We need to be somewhat aware of people and what they’re doing. Most people monitor other people to some extent, not judging, not using judging words, but desciptive, objective ones and picking up on verbal and non-verbal signals and storing the information. I always look at least twice at an intersection. People are worth that much.
    So, how does that all work together. Emotional intelligence give you an idea where people are coming from and a better understanding of your emotions as well. Understanding your emotions means you’re not so subject to them. Intuition gives you subtle signals from people to give you grace in a social situation and creative thinking about social situations, like a people artist. The intuition is objective and not subective so we can look at things objectively instead of being so subjective.
    Feelings cloud thinking so understanding that they are only energy and support what you’re thinking about. If you think about something positive your emotions will come over to that, when they know that that is where you are going to stay and/or you expect them to come over. They seem to obey quite well and do what you expect without needing more bidding, especially if you stand your ground. LOL Likewise, if you think negative thoughts the same energy will go there. The subjective mind is negative so people almost always have to think only about intuitive thoughts and using them. This kind or thinking causes no problems except that we have to observe things outside our thoughts also.
    Objective, right brain, intuitive thoughts are positive, calm and ‘knowing’. It’s hard to explain, but not that hard to do.
    And finally, to take your thoughts off yourself, monitor your intuitive thoughts and make descriptive observations and you will be way ahead of everyone, as only half of people know how to think right. When they learn they will be no threat, as they will be happy and friendly as you will be. And oh, yes, stay away from negative people. Don’t despair, you got three books in this one message so you’re mostly done. Do the whole thing and you will be over confident and too happy, but that’s another problem. Isn’t life like that?
    I would really like to see if this works for you as it has for me and to discuss experiences. I have a new Yahoo Group and no subscibers so you could help me get started. Also I really have an interest in this subject. It’s at:

  3. No…
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