Can crystals in a velvet bag be used in crystal healing, or does the velvet block the energy?





Can crystals in a velvet bag be used in crystal healing, or does the velvet block the energies?
I have a crystal in a velvet bag, said to protect it from absorbing foreign vibrations. Can i still use it while it’s still IN the bag to meditate ot heal with, or will the velvet block all/most energies?
I’m using it to heal another person in a ‘projection of healing energy’ sense, rather than to absorb the negativity; and i don’t want to let the crystal absorb the foreign vibrations of that person in the process.


  1. for meditative purposes its probably best to have the stones out of the bag and in contact with your skin or viewable to be meditated on. when carrying them around there are a few different thoughts on efficacy of stones, some people insist that the stone has to touch your skin for you to feel the effects. others believe that just having the stone within three feet of your field, mainly the chakra you would like affected, will do the trick. still others believe that keeping it in your pocket is fine and the most benefits are reaped when you rub or hold the stone(s) from time to time.
    there is no real right or wrong when it comes to stones and crystals, do what feels right and what you find works for you personally.
    for me, i keep stones in my pocket, i’m more of the “keeping it in my auric field helps” school of thought and i sometimes like to pull them out to play with when i need a boost.
    as far as the velvet, its just a medium to keep your rocks in one place and will likely have little effect on the stones vibrations.
    if you are healing other people i would say its not very nice to prefer to keep the stones in a bag because it IS more effective when the stone can be felt on the skin and you are using them for healing…
    get some selenite if you are worried to quickly cleanse energy from your stones after a healing session or have certain stones selected for the purposes of healing or assisting other people….

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