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Can crop circles be scientifically tested for dating like how artifacts are cabon dated?

For example, Is there a way 2 detremine a crop circle made yesterday and one that was made 1,000 years ago?


  1. What would you date? The crops that are flattened to make up the circle are the same age as the crops that are not flattened.

  2. There’s really no point – farmers usually notice the next day. It’s usually noticeable. Many farmers actually solicit people to make the crop circles as advertising. There’s nothing mysterious about something that a few drunk guys can do with a piece of rope.

  3. Any testing that you may have heard about was not done by experts, but by un-credentialed UFO fans who PRETEND they are doing a scientific examination. Some swing little pendulums. Some tilt dowsing rods. A couple have done things like take soil and plant samples home and try to show something unusual about them. All their claims are bogus.
    Do you really think aliens would come trillions of miles across space, maintain ABSOLUTE radio silence in the vicinity of our planet for 50 years, but go around squashing crop fields. Have any of you people who believe these were made by ETs ever actually asked yourself just how much sense does that make? AND they have never been documented by any legitimate source, but there have been thousands of mis-identifications of ordinary things, and outright fraud.
    To make matters worse, the making of crop circles has been demonstrated on film. And even commercial interests have made great crop designs, like Coors Beer and Firefox.

  4. that would be impossible and downright ludicrous since crop circles are ‘temporary temples’ these days.
    a crop circle from 1000 years ago would be like dust…covered over by dirt and trees and basically very very hard to see ever again…impossible.
    Unless of course they made a crop circle in a stone plateau, like a granite slab or batholith, in which a design is properly burned into it. Reminds me of the Flower of Life which was found burned into the side of a pyramid or wall in Egypt.
    Then you can start your trials of carbon dating it. Perhaps the Nazca lines may be this opportunity…..
    Yes, drunk people with boards and Dog and Dave…the usual garbage spewed forth by the public….who are afraid 🙂 of the unknown!….spooky…you are being watched by the Watchers….those Angels in Heaven…those mystery beings….but just people.
    Hide under your covers! Don’t go out a night! You might get spooked! But that’s alright, because we, the believers, will set you right….


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