Can consciousness exist outside of the mind?

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your dreams come from the mind therefore your point is not valid.

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Bébé Fée

Yes… When you dream

Esh T

If not, why you said so!


It is not possible in general. But if we learn the magic from a magician, we may be able to dislodge our consciousness outside our mind.

Aß іηito

Yes, and i can think without my brain.
I pull consciousness outa my a ss, what about you?


No because everything that derives from us comes from the mind without it we are nothing.


Yes, if you’ve ever had an Out of Body Experience it is certainly possible.


does the buzz website for how to get telekinesis actually work?

me and my friend went on the website to get telekinesis and telepathy.we just wanted to know if it works.

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If there is no consciousness after death wouldn't that blow a hole in the Heaven and Hell theory?

The Caesars apparently knew about the power of the "reward and punishment" mind control tactic.
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