Home Discussion Forum Can "Consciousness" be explained in terms of brain activity?

Can "Consciousness" be explained in terms of brain activity?

Could an appropriately programmed machine be conscious?
It might seem that “conscious” is synonymous with, say, “awareness” or “experience” or “attention.” But is that still recognized or accepted that way now?


  1. Being that we can not honestly say that we have ever encountered consciousness where there is no brain activity I am willing to coincide that it is a very reasonable conclusion.
    As far as most reductionist are concerned that is precisely what human consciousness amounts to the manifestation of cognitive awareness within the vehicle of active and properly functioning biological machinery/chemistry.

  2. Perhaps it will think, the machine. It would be a mirror of us, it would gain consciousness But we on the other hand consciousness created the brain and not the brain consciousness. We have many different levels of consciousness too, that a machine would not have like the knowing of having a body.

  3. I don’t believe consciousness can be explained at all. We can program a machine to act like it is self conscious but it would not be the same. It may think it is human and self aware but it would just think that. How would it know otherwise?

  4. I think “consciousness” in the strict sense of the word as being aware of one’s self can can be explained through brain activity because that’s how our brain works…neurochemical processes signal the brain through all kinds of stimulus…
    Now whether it is actually possible to programme a machine to be conscious is of another matter, see it (or maybe even us) would never know whether it actually knows the true meaning of consciousness and not just stating that it is…
    Doesn’t that raise an interesting question thought, though? How are we to be sure that we are in a sense of “true” consciousness and not just “think” we are conscious as defined by some sort of definition or parameter…?

  5. Consciousness is are capacity to know that we know. It is independent of the brain or anything physical. Everything is a product of consciousness, physical form is only an “effect” of the non-physical consciousness. It even precludes existence because one has to have consciousness to know they exist.
    Awareness is a quality of consciousness and is always aware. In dreams, hypnosis, amnesia, out of body experiences, multiple personalities, psychotic, pathological, in trance, meditation, even acting as another character and so on, the same reoccurring theme of “I” remains. If there is an “I” consciousness exist. Even if there is no “I” consciousness still persist. The chase in a dog’s dream seems real to the dog.
    We are consciousness, which is rarely consider or accepted. Actually, we are beyond consciousness. It either is or it isn’t. For consciousness to enter into a machine would have to be an act of God. Simply programming a computer with code and data to mimic human consciousness would have to involve the entire knowledge of all that is known in this universe. Individual consciousness is connected to universal consciousness which knows everything by being the known (the only way anything can be known). Consciousness cannot be made out of thin air.


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