Home Discussion Forum Can communion be compared to other Magic rituals? if so how?

Can communion be compared to other Magic rituals? if so how?


  1. I’m not sure.
    But I’m interested in the magic behind eating a cube of bread and not nearly enough wine to make me enjoy the service.

  2. Nah, magic and holy rituals gain their energies from different sources. Holy rituals gain their powers through deities, while magic gains energy from the environment.
    That said, I don’t believe in either but am an RPG geek.

  3. Any sense taken to it’s inner most depths ends in transcendence of thought. Buddhists do this through sight by staring at a candle. I think that if someone really believes they have their Lord’s body on their tongue (1), all of their attention will go to it. As the wafer dissolves, so will their thinking mind, and they will transcend. I’m not saying this is what they intend, but it may have something to do with the origin of the practice. I have other reasons to think this, but they are not part of your question.
    By the way, so there’s no confusion, I’m an atheist.

  4. No because communion is simply representing the body and blood of Christ, as a reminder of what He did. There’s no magic.


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