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Can chess increase my creativity and logic?

I was told that on the left side of your brain you had: logic , rational , math skills etc..and on your right side of your brain you had : artistic skills etc.. Now chess is mostly calculations so how can it combines both sides and can enhance creativity(right side of your brain)??.
Now I have high blood pressure so I do zen meditation to relax etc.. and it works but when I go to Yahoo chess and play chess it raise my blood pressure and makes me tense. Should I use a chess program instead? that way it will take me time to think & make my moves?/


  • Mr Quix might be right, maybe your best bet would be to try a correspondence site.

    http://www.redhotpawn.com is a good site for correspondence play. You can set up games where you might make one move per day, or a move every 2-3 days, or one move a week, whatever you and your opponent agree to.

    Players there often have dozens of games going at once, so a lot of them like to make a move every couple of days. That’ll give you plenty of time to study the situation and make your moves, and it shouldn’t be nearly as stressful Plus, if something comes up in your life that takes you away from the game for a couple of days, it won’t be a big deal.

    You receive email notices when your opponent moves, so that you’ll always know when to go back on and make YOUR moves.

    Chessworld is another correspondence site.


    Have fun!

  • chess has almost endless possibilities . if you want creativity, think of sacrificing some of your pieces so that you can get closer to winning .
    or, go for a game which actually emphasizes on creativity . like draw play .link below.

    remember that games are supposed to make you relax and have fun . dont get too involved in them or the purpose is lost .

    go for a chess program which doesnt have any time constraint. there are thousands of free downloadable games on the net.
    just google for it . i have provided one link below:

    and try other games like sudoku .

  • 4 sure chess will increase your creativity and logic.. since u got high blood pressure, i think u should install yahoo chess master and try 2 play beginner mode… so, that u can increase your skill.. After u master your skills, then, u play at yahoo chess…

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