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Can channling out positive energies in action and speech be a very healing experience?

by semi enlightened:

Thanks so much for sharing. May your life be filled with Peace and Joy. May the light and blessings always be with you.

Answer by Xplore
and it usually is easier than it sounds
peace 🙂


  1. I think every word you speak adds power to words,
    and every thought you think gives power to thoughts,
    just be careful where you give your power to and use your understanding of it to acheive what you want.

  2. Yes, undoubtedly. All beings are basically positive and respond favorably to positive and hence, all move to share each other in love and succor that is deeply healing.

  3. Yes. What you project will be retuned to you!
    When your thoughts and actions stay positive, then positive energy will be all around you.
    May the blessings of peace and joy be with you too! 😀

  4. Yes. Putting positive things out there is more effective than negative. Even in a negative situation, seeking and centering on the positive opens the way for improvement.

  5. dear brother…
    i am listening to Andreas Vollenweider…
    and everytime i hear his music…
    i feel my spirit soar…
    so i want to share this moment with you…
    and anyone else hoo might happen to wander this way…
    and feel inspired to listen to some REALLY soothing music. insha’Allah.
    keep channeling out positive energies brother…

  6. Channelling our positive energies through action and speech is one of the most healing acts for ourselves that we can perform.
    Positive thoughts stay with the giver, as well as being given to the recipient in the form of speech and action.
    Everything we give to others we in fact give to ourselves.

  7. I don’t know if I would call it “channeling out positive energies,” but I do think that if we feel blessed, loved, encouraged, etc and we use thatin speaking and thinking positively and in a way that brings light and builds others up and encourages and edifies, we can definitely bring healing. However, God wants to make us like Jesus, who had the capacity to bless and forgive even when he felt hated, while being tortured on the cross. He said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”


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