Can cannabis be used for high consciouses and to unlock the pineal gland/third eye?

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Can it?

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Instant Karma - Just Add Water

It will get you high. All other claims about it are dubious.


No. It just makes your brain fuzzy and your mouth cottony and your teeth turn brown. Sorry.

That is so funny!

Sorry – few shortcuts regarding that kind of development. -_-

danielle s

yes for a couple of days or months , then your eyes if not all your brain will remove itself from thinking right, so ud=sing that stuff will only make things worst . try something else, suh as herb teas and all natural products which you won’t have to smoke, cause you know, Smoke gets in your eyes,, the song ..


nope. honestly it jsut makes you stupid. need to try harder drugs to actually effect your consciousness in a meaningful way.



Creation Scientist

No, but you can still have fun trying.

Charles B

Pot isn’t strong enough to do much more than relax you and give you a nice feeling.

sweet smile

Only used for higher level of concentration, if you know yoga and pranayama then no need to use cannabis.

Chapter and Verse

My daughter doesn’t smoke but her friend does so they were in the bedroom lounging on the bed and the friend was smoking a doober. She would take a hit and blow it onto my daughter’s face. I went to check on them and my daughter was talking about auras. After she told us what color she saw we looked up chokra on the internet and it was spooky.


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