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Can candle magick be used for binding spells?

A person that is a practitioner of dark magick ( he has referred to him self as “Satan’s Son” on multiple occasions) has been using someone close to me as a way to me. I am tired of this the fights and mood swings. I would like to do a binding spell on this person but don’t know if it can be done using candle magick. If any one has an answer please let me know and tell me how to do this correctly. Thank you for your time and Info.


  1. Best answer I would think is place both hands on the side of said persons head and scream.
    “You mindless twit, you have no power, it’s all in my head”
    3 times…candles optional
    have a nice day

  2. Yes, magick is mostly about intent and belief. However, anything you put out returns to you several fold. If you choose to bind another person (hurting their ability to practice their free will) expect many times the same in repercussions back to yourself. You’d be far better to just research a basic protection spell and learn to center and ground yourself to help keep negative influences out of your life.

  3. Lon DuQuette wrote that magic is all in our heads, it’s just that most of us underestimate how big the insides of our heads are. Magic is effective (or seems effective, which works out to the same thing) because our perceptions and understandings define our individual, subjective experiences of reality. You can perform rituals that help you resist being influenced by this person, but nothing you do in your subjective internal universe is going to stop what he’s doing in the objective really real world.
    Simply put, if this person is using your friends to get to you, tell your “friends” to wise up and either stop being tools for this jerk or get out of your life. If he’s seriously causing you problems, confront him about it or invoke whatever legal intervention is necessary to protect yourself.

  4. you don’t need a spell, just get away from the guy!
    Also I think this “Satan’s Son” moron is just that. He’s some dumb kid who read a book or 2 and thinks he’s going to use magick to get back at people, and you may be wrong about who is sending this negative energy out. Dark or Negative magick has a way to return upon oneself, so it’s useless. Magick is not something to go screwing around with when you don’t know what you are doing. Lots of books on the subject, try some of those. However, I wouldn’t just ask random strangers on-line.
    You don’t say what your religious beliefs are, but if nothing else prayer works (regardless of whatever name you call the Divine).

  5. In strict response to your question: Yes.
    In response to your secondary requests for information:
    A Binding is considered by some (and with good reason) to be an
    intermediate or even advanced form of Ceremony…and could be
    construed as a form of magickal combat.
    A public forum is no place for this type of information.
    You would be better served to contact someone who would be willing
    to communicate/train you in these things.
    Check your hard-copy Yellow Pages of any large metropolitan area
    near you for “new age”, “metaphysical”, “magic(k)”, “paranormal”, etc.
    The shops listed will either have bulletin boards with notices of local
    Covens, Drumming Circles, and/or Orders OR the staff when queried
    may be able to refer you to one of their frequent customers who can
    assist you.


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