can buddhist monk teach me how to do astral projection?

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I am now looking for a teacher to do an astral projection,and I’m thinking to study it from the buddhist monk,is it possible?

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Read the Center of the Cyclone. It was written by a doctor and was the basis for the movie with Michael Hurt, I forget the name, the one where he turns into an ape. Somebody help me here.


NO CUZ NOBODY CAN MAKE THAT happen for you except Jesus!!


Search and you shell find.


Buddhists don’t do astral projection. Not sure where you got this idea to begin with?

Drac n Co

Afraid not There are monks who develop certain abilities but I don’t believe astral projection is one of them besides Buddhist monks are prohibited from displaying any super normal powers under the code of discipline.
Any who claim they can teach you are frauds Keep hold of your cash


Monks can’t do that


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