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Can born blinds dream? What would their dreams be like when they never saw anything?

The brain works just the same way even if you are born blind. Dreams have to do with our subconscious mind so if one is born blind what would be the dreams like? Is there a research on it? Please share the useful links or info whatever you know.


  1. It’s difficult to tell, we cant project dreams onto a screen, for instance, but one would imagine that a blind person would have their own ideas of what something looked like, either from touching it or hearing it described; God gave us imaginations, even if we dont want em…
    therefore i would suppose they would “see” things in their dreams…

  2. A while back I asked this question which caused a stir and some harsh remarks even though I was respectful in asking it. We won’t know until someone very respectfully presents the question very lovingly to a person who has been bind from birth. I don’t know such a person and imagine it would take knowing such a person very well to be certain you would not hurt them in any way.
    It is though. quite a question indeed to contemplate especially to an artist as I am because so much of the art I do comes from my imagination. I met a lady with her friend who came to our museum to experience the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition we had at the time. I was giving tours and was compelled to asked her if I could paint pictures in her mind of the exhibit. The lady was thrilled and agreed to have me bring her the exhibit to her through my eyes and caring way of describing all the wonderful exhibits. She felt them with her hands and was so excited to have someone do that for her, I enjoyed the experience as much as she did.

  3. I think this from what I have read and my own sense of perception.
    The blind use feel, smell, touch, hearing to navigate through their day.
    Any one of their senses can create a dream in their mind. Your brain is a great organ that can imagine anything and some things you cannot imagine.

  4. Cristale is correct. There is research done, in this area. People who have always been blind dream in the senses they experience in waking life. There is conflicting evidence over whether blind people have anything visually-related in their dreams, but all the other senses are vividly expressed in congenitally blind people.

  5. Interesting question. I think they would dream about things in the same way they perceive their world. I mean since they cant see, their brain must still be able to analyse and interpret what things must be like right. I suppose they’d dream about stuff in the same ‘hue’.


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