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can black magic really make a person forget specifically the name and memory of someone he used to love?

if the answer is yes, is there a cure or a way for that person to get out of that spell?


  1. Well well well, that’s a new one.
    I forget real real easy, but we put it down to drugs, and a few too many bumps on the head.
    Maybe I should be more paranoid?
    Also if he’s forgotten you, but not you him, you can win him back!!
    Shouldn’t be too hard, and I don’t think you’ll need any magic!
    Oh be careful, maybe he has been abducted by aliens for experimentation, who knows what lies in that empty shell that once used to love?

  2. Here’s the spell: You must go out at midnight when there is a full moon and rain is predicted from the east. You must lay out a circle of rice and cow dung (sheep dung works, but the spell must be repeated 2x as often if using sheep) and stand inside the circle. You should be naked, but you should also observe zoning laws.
    Light two sparklers, hold one in each hand (assuming you have two hands – if not, place one between your toes.) Then, you must chant these words: OWA TAGOO SIAM.
    Repeat until you get it.

  3. This is dangerous stuff, i dunno. But if you ‘split’ with someone don’t leave any personal artifacts behind , even a locket of hair could be dangerous! I’ve heard about it but i wouldn’t dabble in it.

  4. magic is neither black nor white it is both as is nature. whether the spell is black or white iz determined in the heart of the witch or wizard. the only way someone can undo a spell is to do another spell which over comes it but normally wen u ahve had a memory spell put on you u have no recognision of it

  5. kya ye sambhav hai ki koi baba kisi aadmi ko ek jesus ka locket de aur phir veh aadmi behki behki batein kare… use woh sab dikhayi aur sunayi de jo vastav mein ho nahi… aur us locket ke samparq mein rehne ke kuch ghanto baat veh insan nude hokar sadkon par bhage aur bimar-pagal ho jaye phir kuch din asptaal mein bharti ho theek ho jaye!!!


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