can black magic cause infertility in a woman?

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can black magic cause infertility in a woman??
because my mother in law hates me.because me and my hubby had love marriage..and she will do almost do anything to breaks us apart!!one of my friend said some people do black magic to cause infertility!!is this true??Any information would be great!!
many thanks!!

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its true… i dunu about excat infertility… but have seen many cases that the kids dont live for more then 1 month coz of BM

jamie jamie

short answer: no
long answer: there is no such thing as magic hun, dont worry about idle threats from some spiritualist nutjob.

The Expenses Mole

i would look for a natural explaination before a supernatural one.

lifesmiracles** Due 22/05/2009

i honestly believe that if you dont believe in that stuff and you stay away from it it wont harm you in any way. have faith in the lord and believe in him.
i think once you open the doors to black magic it can harm you it is evil things and it does exist. however i dont know if it could affect you fertility but hey who knows iv never delt with that stuff and will never, so im sure if you keep a clean mind from it all should be good…
sometimes having a baby can be one of the hardest things for a couple to do, it will happen when the time s right,
good luck


“magic” only puts fear into people, black magic does not exist it is just the wishes and hate of somebody.
Only nature will decide if you fall pregnant, and if you have been trying for more than 12 months, go to the doctor.
Ignore your mother in law, she is the loser not you.

Cutelin I

Its true because even the satan has powers, when he is not able to work through us, he uses the one that we long for, the most… to affect us.
But God is more powerful than a satan. We can destroy the works of satan through our prayers. Get closer to God.
I would like to give you an example of my own personal life.
Me and my husband are married for 2yrs now. We were such a loving couple and my husband was a gem of a person.
I was madly in love with him.
Last year in august, he was disturbed by a girl who was working in a bank. I realised it only after 2months.
We were TTC then, both of us were perfectly normal but i wasn’t able to conceive.
That girl she did JUJU (it is also a black magic) for my husband and he started going behind her.
Everyday my husband will be trying to beat and kick me and you won’t believe those days were horrible. He even insulted me before people that i was barren. I was almost dead with the words he spoke.
It was only then i started getting close to God and i realised that i was giving more importance to my husband than to God. I started focussing on God and surrendered my life to him. The very same month i became pregnant.
I told my husband that i got a positive hpt. He never reacted for that. The very same day he came home, argued with me and was abusing me.
I shared it with one of my spiritual friend and my church pastor.. It was only then that i realised that my husband was under the control of juju.
we prayed for him and on the 7th of december he was free.
Now he’s back with me as my same old loving husband and i’m 25 weeks with my 1st miracle.
Pls do lean on God.
Good Luck……


i have been married for seven years now. married in to a house hold of 6 sisters and one son. have to stay with in laws. always cant get along. he brings the whole bunch where ever we go, to the cinema or holiday at the beach. so irritating. cant stand it. y my life is bad and unfair. my husband always side the other side the red card is always for me. planning to do black magic for him to listen to me.


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