Can Barry Obama read minds and control our thoughts?

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As “the One”, I no he has supernatural powers, but surely there must be a limit, right?
I’m very concerned that he may read our thoughts and that he is capable of mind control and telepathy however. What should I do if he commands me to take the mark?

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Liberal AssKicker

I can’t tell if he even controls his own.


That’s Barry Soetoro. And yes he uses Haitian devil magic that he learned from his grandmother in Kenya to read minds.

Poopy Pants

His name is Barack Obama not Barry Obama.
Get your GED, so you will know the difference.

Pelosi's Water Boy

Only if you have a teleprompter on your forehead, other than that Obama doesn’t have brains enough to speak to a 6th grader without one.


HRG summoned The Haitian so Obama can’t use his powers.

Tim's Wife

Do what he says.


Yes, thru homeland suckurity.


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