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Can Auras show up in regular photos~?

I’ve heard that those little “arua photos” are scams, but I took this picture recently and I wondered… can auras show up in regular old photos~? ^-^;;?
I would show it, but I won’t in fear of being called stupid~* ^-^;;; Sorry~!


  1. I SWEAR there was something in a picture I took about 5 years ago…I don’t know what it was. I still have the picture…somewhere (now I want to find it lol) I was taking pictures of my then 7 month old in her crib, with my digital camera and when I looked at them a mere few minutes after taking them, there was a visible white cloud like image in the pictures. It moved and dispersed near the end of the set of pictures. It was the creepiest thing ever. I showed it my some friends and family and no one could deny it OR come up with an explanation. I still don’t know what it was. Sorry I didn’t exactly answer the question. My answer would be yes, because something definitely showed up in those, though I don’t think it was an aura….

  2. I think anything is plausible. If you can see Auras on your own, like a medium or Psychic, (Like me, I am a Medium), can than I think you would be able to see them in regular photos.
    PS You’re not stupid.

  3. In a dark room, place your hand on photographic paper, shiny side up. Hold it there for about one minute, maybe longer. Develop your paper as a normal photograph and your ‘aura’ will be revealed.


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