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Can astral traveling be dangerous?

last night i almost atral traveled for the first time[i think] i was so relaxed & it felt like my mind was floating & my whole body was tingyling & vibrating but then i had a sudden fear & woke up. but is it possible for evil spirits to come & you know do bad stuff? or is astral traveling 100% completely safe?


  1. You should be fine. As long as you are not inviting something in and just resting comfortably I don’t see why anything would come in you.

  2. No, it’s not dangerous. Mostly because it’s not real. You were asleep and dreaming. No one has ever been able to prove that ‘astral traveling’ is anything but your own imagination – and it would be so easy to prove. Simply ‘astral travel’ to another room in the house, look at a random die roll, and return knowing the number. People would give you millions of dollars in prizes if you could do that – if anyone could do that. But no one ever has. Also, there’s no evidence for evil spirits.

  3. I don’t see how sitting can harm you, unless maybe your house happened to collapse while you were in it.
    Astral projection or what ever it is called is not real, it never has and never will. Though when you are tranquil (at peace as you were) you will likely feel good because you would be stress free. It is really not much different than sleeping.

  4. Yes, itt can be very dangerous, and isn’t for the untrained. U leave urself absolutely vulnerable to evil spirits and they can indeed harm u. I have had some terrifying experiences and will never do it again

  5. Obviously this is not the place to seriously ask questions like this. From the answers I see here only those who are bored and sarcastic are on the site today. Ignore them . Go to the internet and look up sites where you can get serious answers. That’s my advice to you on this matter. I have had this experience only once in my life and it was pretty strange. I found myself floating in the night sky up above a street I use to live on. I had no control over how I floated. I tried to reach the only thing close by to try to pull myself towards the ground. These were the phone lines. But, for some reason I just could not grasp them. It felt like the energy flowing through the lines was repelling me away from the lines. I was tumbling aimlessly in the air. Strangest feeling I ever had. I don’t ( feel ) in dreams and this is why I know it was NOT a dream. Then I felt drawn backwards into darkness and hit my bed. I hit the bed pretty hard because I felt and heard the bed move at my return. It sounded in my ears like this…WWWAMPHFFFF!!!!!..It felt like my soul/energy was being thrust back into my body. I awoke instantly and was even conscious at the second the bed springs were rising back up from the impact. I laid there frozen in silence trying to figure out what in Gods name had just happened. I can recall perfectly the view of my old house and street from up in the air. This is a view I had never seen before from this perspective. When we had lived there I was only 11-12 then we moved away…The experience happened when I was 17. No one can sit back and deny the powers and possible capabilities of the human spirit/mind/energy……I have had that feeling of where your jarred awake out of REM sleep and this was NOTHING at all like it….No one can say if it’s 100% safe. It’s a fairly new ball game and we are just at the tip of the ice burg at understanding it….just as we are still trying to fully understand spirits/ghosts and the here after….Hope you keep researching and learning, It’s such a wonderful fascinating universe we live in.

  6. Its a spritual law, a ghost is not allowed to enter a living human body unless invited. The only diifference between their laws and ours is that God runs it, and his jail is worse.

  7. Astral traveling is like any other human activity, in that it can be dangerous.
    Evil spirits are permitted by the law of resonance to draw nigh to those whose sins are like the intentions of the “evil spirits.”
    This can happen during life, during dreams, etc.
    Astral travel is more “exposured” in terms of our outer waking conscious experience. One’s waking subconscious, which becomes one’s dreaming conscious, is more childlike, gentle, trusting, joyful. One’s outer waking conscious may either champion, nurture and defend one’s inner childlike joy, or simply become comfortable in its physicality. When the outer waking conscious blends with the waking subconscious, lucidity in dreams and intuition during waking become prominent. Further coherence is enlightening and soul traveling.
    Sudden fear during your experience possibly relates to your awareness being without comfortable physical support. In dreams this is no problem.
    If you play tennis, or knit, or cook, kindly note that each experience that you feel is noticably different. People tend not to be robotic (except in the laboratory, where that is the standard). When one meditates, astral travels, cooks, etc., with soul, with caring, each experience will be more fresh, unique. This is especially the case when soul or psyche is emphasized, but even occurs in many of the more creative or intutive scientists, as self-actualization joy and love.
    So, to sum up an answer, no human activity is guaranteed 100% safe;
    feeling vulnerable while astral traveling (prefer the phrase “soul traveling”) is part of the natural awareness;
    it may more be a “sophomore slump” or “arrogance” in the astral travel venue which endangers soul.
    It is inspirational and worthwhile to read genuine soul travelers’ accounts. Some recommendations: “Soul Traveler,” Albert Taylor;
    “The Masters and Their Retreats,” Mark Prophet,
    “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Dr. Olga Kharitidi, and
    “The Great Divorce,” C. S. Lewis.
    http://www.astraldynamics.com shows a more astral, rather than spiritual, focus,
    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

  8. Eri didn’t mention those documented cases of people that have had out-of-body experiences that were able to see distant objects. Anyway, some people will say that it’s safe, and others will say that it’s dangerous. I don’t think that there is any definitive evidence either way.

  9. Deep thoughts, From my deep experiences of Out of Body experiences of astral projection and travel is that spirits good and bad can communicate, or whatever. On the most part, it is safe. When you astral travel your spirit takes excursions on it’s own, but if you try and control your travel which is one of the hardest things to do, you can run into some trouble if out of body to long, usually it is safe. I have seen good and bad spirits when Out of body. I done what I thought was impossible, I actually had a fight with a bad spirit. And this was the same bad spirit that would come to harass me and my son while awake, since I was out of body being spirit too I was able to grab a hold of him, and a good spirit that would come to me believe to be my spirit guide help me at that time to get rid of him, and he never came back after that, although she still did, and I don’t mind that. Spirits I don’t think can take over your body, because your still alive, you have a life cord attached to your body when you astral travel.

  10. Congrats on almost making it there!!
    Astral projection is 100% safe so you should defiantly project!
    Astral traveling is safe……… as long as you stay out of the bad areas. Astral plane is just like the physical plane, there are places you should avoid.
    How do you know which places to avoid?
    Alright, you know the so called “haunted houses” or other areas where paranormal activity has been known……. don’t go there.
    If you happen to run into one, you will “feel” the bad energy in these areas.
    You should go ahead and do it!
    I promise you this, you will not see a negative entity if you don’t go out seeking for them or if you don’t have negative thoughts.

  11. I believe its 100% safe because we unconciously do it every night when we sleep. Its not dangerous at all especially if you have knowledge about it and aren’t mentally ill. Its a hidden side of life that everyone should practice to deepen their spirituality/become a better person.


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