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Can astral projection create children?

Okay. So a friend of mine says that astral projection could create children.. like… spirit children?
Is this true??


  1. People that astral project cant even pick up popcorn. See 1980s film Vibes. the answer is NO you cannot procreate while astral projecting.

  2. Astral sperm?
    You presuppose that such a thing as astral projection even exists. Prove that first before you talk about its characteristics.

  3. Are you serious?Stay in school and learn basic science and critical thinking skills.
    No.Astral projection isn’t real.You friend may be a moron or just ignorant.

  4. Tell me what this astral projection is FIRST and then I’ll decide if i AM in the mood to waste my time and answer your silly so-called question or NOT. ( I guess NOT)

  5. depending on your definition and how broadly you twist the concepts, yes and no.
    if you are of the view that the astral “plane” is as real as this one, just paralell, then it would stand to reason, that activitys on that plane, within the rules of that plane, could result offspring “of” that plane.
    now the relevance to life HERE is pretty nil, for most people.
    though actually something to this effect is not neccessarily even unscriptural, depending on how you define it.
    note that in the bible, I think its adam that is said to have after a time had offspring “after his likeness” or something to that effect.
    some would say that;
    1) “after his likeness” could be read to mean having human form.
    2) the way its worded could be read as to mean that BETWEEN the previously known children and the one “after his likeness” there were offspring that were NOT “after his likeness”. ie: were offspring that did not have human form.
    metaphysically theres no reason that two energy beings (souls, spirits, ect) in a spiritual environment, would be incapable of spawning offspring-energy-beings.
    perhaps things like that are where new souls come from? who knows.
    of course people will say you(and I) are crazy for thinking like that, as their perspective puts only the physical world as having any relevance. and to a point, there is only so much relevance that such things have for the physical world. … but to each their own.


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