Can astral projection change your physical appearance?

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If you astral project many times in a month, can you eventually have vibrations between the phsyical and astral realm so strong, that they change your appearance physically based on what your soul wants to look like? Im not trying to sound like a wannabe gorgeous kinda girl, I just want to know so it doesn’t actually happen to me.

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The Canadian Atheist

Astral projection is imagination, nothing more.
You ARE sane enough to understand that… right?


You have got to be kidding me


the ones that believe in it …it hasn’t changed them
what will change you is enough sleep, make up, brushing teeth/teeth whitening, get excerisce


No, it can only change your mental health. For the worse.
It’s not really happening, it’s a form of self-hypnosis.


Astral realm? I guess the astral realm is inside your head. RIght? What do you think?

Regalstrickland [SOS Brigade]

I’ve always wanted to have an O.B.E but I think mostly it’s just a change of mindset, not really something that actually happens. I meditate deeply about 2 or 3 times a month when I get sort of stressed out and that usually makes me feel better but I don’t think astral projection is something really feasible.


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