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Can anyone with psychic powers tell me where to look for my PSP Charger?

Please let me know!!
Although my mom’s vagina was an interesting guess… I had a good feeling about the junk drawer in my kitchen. It was not there so I kept looking and I found it…
In a big pile of junk on the floor of my closet!! Closet floor wins!


  1. It’ll always be in the last place you look.
    Unless of course you keep looking after that.
    Please don’t though.

  2. It’s in the kitchen somewhere. Maybe in a drawer. Do you have a drawer where things out of place get put in? Look there.

  3. it plugged into a wall, someone near…you just dont notice it yet. check your room walls, and then the rest of your house walls, youre bond to find it!!!

  4. The seat of a friends car.
    Don’t ask, it just popped in my head.
    Not psychic though. Perhaps a bit psycho…….

  5. No one can. It’s not possible to establish a psychic energy over the internet. I need to combine my chi with your temporary. That’s just me I guess. I’ll try anyway. Check under the clutter on your desk. No! I’m getting something….closet. Somewhere in there. Floor or in a pocket.

  6. Under your bed in your sofa under the mattress but over the bedframe behind the sofa in the bread box in the freezer in your droors. ummm… in your shower? lol ummm… in your car. in your closet in your… refrigerator in your… cabinets ender your table behind the TC behind the microwave by your cell phone charger by an outlet in general… People did i miss a place? O and don’t forget to check Gamestop. =D


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