Can anyone think of any potential dangers scienctific thought might present in the near future?





By this I mean that science has become a master over us instead of us master over it, when? it speaks? through its footsoldiers we must all bow down our puny human feelings and opinions to its unfeeling, inhuman demands, because what is human is somehow unimportant before cold soulless ?science?. So unless we all are ‘experts’ our opinions, conscience, and beliefs, are despised as worthless and therefore can be violated and overridden, when the basis of this country was to protect these most precious freedoms of soul. Our constitution is not written to protect and uphold science but humans, and normal humans, average humans, Mothers, fathers, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Sons and Daughters, not just scientists. We are all equal, though I understand that all opinions are not equal in a given context, yet I think that this is a potential, if not already present threat to our freedoms. If any thing stands in the way of ‘progress’ as proclaimed by the ?science? of the day, which has no soul except for us , it is mocked, despised and attacked . It is not enough to just be a human anymore, a mother is no longer smart enough to raise kids ?experts? are required.
The man who invents something is more important than a good father or mother, being a human with religion , belief in God, believing in right or wrong is no longer precious or acceptable because it cannot be seen under a microscope or ?cure? someone of aids . Although morals and responsibility are the real vaccine Must we all have microscopes attached to our eyes at all times in order to speak truth? Eyes being no longer good enough
Don’t let your meaningless religious conscience get in the way of really important things like harvesting the cells from aborted fetuses so we can rejuvenate old hags


  1. I thought you were a proponent of ID. That calls itself science, doesn’t it? Why would creationists try to establish a scientific basis for their beliefs if they thought science was inherently evil?

  2. No,Humans do Scientific research.Not some Skynet computer network like in Terminator. Everytime you buy a new car,food form the supermarket,go to the Dentist for a filling,get vacinated,get X-rayd,heat up your food in the microwave oven and many of the other things you take for granted. Scientific thought was behind it.So,relax willl you. Although there was a time when scientific research came at a cost to humans. When the Nazi’s came to power in Germany,the shit hit the fan for certain ethnic grops and various udesirable elements (people). I can give you an example of a problem the Military condtioning programs do to the recruits. They condition them to be killers or good soilders. They have “Behavioural Scientists” to make sure that the aveage nice guy or girl is desensitized to human life. They make them train to shot at human looking targets.So that it becomes second nature.
    As for your insights like; ” mothers are not good enough anymore experts are needed to raise kids.” The people who try to help parents raise their kids are not forcing themselves on the mothers. The mothers want to know form these people what to do to make sure their kids do well.
    “Don’t let your meaningless religious conscience…. can rajuvenate old hags.” Stem cells can be used to treat people of all ages and various disorders not just in old hags. Old hags are someones mothers and grandmothers you fool.
    A newborns stem cells can be saved for that person.When he’s older and needs a custom replacemnt organ or loses a limb in an accident. Stem cells could be used to regrow an entire hand.and nerves.Nerves don’t regenerate themselves like skin. Think about that next time you acidentally cut yourself a little deeper than normal.
    The “cold” researchers and scientists are trying to figure out how to cure diseases,make new materials and improve your life. Unlike the religious preachers who are trying to bring us back to the Middle ages era and control how we think,what is appropriate to research,question and change according to their personal attitude alone. Do you honsetly think evangelical preachers like Benny Hinn are genuinely curing people with faith healing. What has any religous leader done better to improve anyones life except for deluting their followers with empty promises compared to a research scientist ? I’d be more worried about religous leaders who start wars,use “faith healing” and preach hatred for people who are a little different.

  3. just because we can do something doesnt make it right that we should.I have often times thought science has over stepped the boundaries of morals.Of good and humane standards of behavior,all in the name of science.Of progress.and of course bottom line money.Good or bad its what we got.

  4. Ignorance is what i am scared of. The idea of science is a good thing. So is the scientific process. it is ignorant people with biased beliefs and a closed mind that ruin the idea.

  5. It may seem that way, but it all depends on your own personal beliefs and values. To answer your question – I truly believe the “Mark of the beast” will be our eventual demise. We are not playing on our computers and tracking others, we are now becoming the computers and being tracked………
    Be Afraid: Powder-Sized RFID Chips
    Fri Feb 16, 2007 8:58AM EST
    See Comments (661)
    Everyone’s so paranoid about the RFID chips that are already in place in so many parts of our lives, so here’s an item (via Engadget and Pink Tentacle) about Hitachi’s new powder-sized RFID chips to make us even more scared of Big Brother (or little-Brother-ID thief). RFID chips are tiny microchips that use radio waves to do everything from conduct credit card transactions (as on those little key-fob-Paypass MasterCard thingies) and pay for tolls (EZ Pass and its ilk) to keeping track of your devices and travel (U.S. passports).
    Hitachi plans to start marketing these new chips?seriously no bigger than a speck of dust at 0.05 x 0.05 mm?in two to three years. The company says this super-tiny chip can be used in paper, currency, gift certificates, and the like, but as some sites have pointed out, today’s chips are already small enough for those uses. So, as Engadget cracked, does this mean we should be watching what we eat in case of some James-Bond-style pepper-shaker swap?
    Maybe, but is the terror around RFID over-hyped? According to most proponents of the technology, and my own experiences paying with PayPass at my local drug store, you really need to physically tap the RFID chip to something for the transaction to go through. And yet, when I go through a toll booth, my RFID-enabled EZ Pass box is only about ten feet away from the sensor. So maybe it is time to watch what you eat, lest Big Brother starts to track you wirelessly (or you spill some RFID powder from which evil ID thieves can extract your vital stats!)
    What do you think? Is RFID worth the convenience or is it setting up some dangerous privacy-invasion precedents?

  6. Science unmoderated with morality nearly destroyed this planet during the 20th Century, and you can ask that with a straight face? Maybe the End really IS near!

  7. YEah. A main problem is that “science” has become very unscientific. Science is supposedly the pursuit of Truth. Well, if we start off thinking that “There is no truth”, then what the heck are we pursuing. Science should be based upon the Truth, that is, there is no truth. Scientist assume things that not everyone assumes. In order to be “truthful” something has to be agreed upon by everyone.

  8. Yes. Scientific thought is dangerous to religion because it has the potential to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that religion is bogus.
    We are close to being able to regenerate nerve cells because of stem cell research, so if you ever get involved in an accident that causes nerve damage you would change your tune in an instant.

  9. Science isn’t the Problem, it is all of those People who want to make a Bunch of Money off of all of those Ideas, whether there Harmful or Not.

  10. To many people, thought of any sort poses a grave threat. There are indications that once one begins thinking, one may be led to conclusions that are in conflict with the 11th Century worldview that has served us so well, for so long.

    • I have a feeling that you are right and i like your almost poetic speach. I also liked the strong ending. Even though if fetusus are getting aborted by people not being able to except the results of their own actions. the fetus might as well be used for something usefule. But if we are all making transactions with one computer chip and if there is no other source of payment it can be used to controle the populouse. Aron Russo said that the chips ultimate purpose is controle.

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