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can anyone tell me whether they have had memories of a past life thru hynotic regressions?

i would like to experience one, but do not know where in Indianapolis I could get that. the hypnosis which are done is basically to cure one of phobias, obsessions, addictions, etc. Please share your story–if you have one. thx


  1. Have you done a lot of reading on past life regression? If not you might want to first check out the Michael Hathaway book called “The Idiot’s Guide to Past Life Regression” — it’s pretty good, although the title is silly.
    Another good author on the subject is Dr. Raymond Moody who has written several books. Both these authors give sound advice about how to unlock past life memories on your own.
    Take care with hypnotherapists. Many of them are con artists. Only YOU know your past life history.
    Try the website http://www.childpastlives.org — it’s for all Reincarnationists and has a good bulletin board with helpful people. The address of their forum is http://www.childpastlives.org/vBulletin/
    P.S. Ignore all these amensiacs who have no sense of having lived before.

  2. Don’t go in expecting to lay back and watch a movie in your head. It’s not that easy! ‘ve had two regressions….the first one I went back to my childhood only, which was interesting.
    With the second one, it was more a case of following the instructions given, and seeing what pictures/info came into your mind.
    I have to admit that if I’ve lived before, I really don’t feel a connection to my former lives or life. But that’s me.
    What you need to do is check your local yellow pages, newspaper, community newspaper, and the internet, under metaphysical. Avoid people calling themselves Madame or Princess.

  3. sadly no1 can prove this is just a myth. but if you want interesting reading there are stories on this and one in particular about a girl named Audrey Rose. When she was around 11 she started flipping out and she’d get random burn marks over her body but nothing around her was hot enough to burn her. should go look up the story ^^

  4. Past life regression is a sham.
    Need proof, here it is.
    How many times have you heard of different people claiming to have been specific (i.e. famous or well known) people? Well, how can 2 people have been the same person in a past life? Obviously, they can’t. One, both, or all of them are simply drawing on the common knowledge they have of these people.
    A good (i.e. one who has anticipated that flaw) regressionist will never allow the subject to claim to be a famous person, but rather someone close to that person ( a servant, a lover, a confidant, etc.). But in fact the regressionist is just letting the person play on their own fantasy and desires.
    This is also why regression sessions often lead to people relating anachronistic details. Since the people and the regressionists are not historians, they often project aspects of modern life into the historical setting from which they believe they are drawing from.

  5. Well, in general I’m skeptical for the reasons some other posters have mentioned here already (i.e., mike and jim)… and having enough experience with other sorts of religion, I’m used to seeing how people [mis]interpret feelings and hunches as some sort of communication from spiritual sources…
    The stories that capture my interest, though, are the ones of young kids (2-3 years old) who seemingly know alot about someone who has died, while there is no way on earth they could have known those details. Those deserve further scrutiny.
    (It’s hard to tell whether there’s something going on, or whether the actual descriptions were things that were broad/general enough to apply to many people, and a “match” was found.)

    Danielle — thanks for your information. Despite my healthy skepticism, you seem to offer a thoughtful viewpoint and I hope to learn something through the links you provided.

    Tuisson — um, dude, if it happened for you, why not actually share WHAT happened so that we can understand better? 🙂

    The poster about Audrey — that’s a fictional story about “Audrey Rose,” not really applicable to real-life experiences.


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