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can anyone tell me what this buddhist quote is saying??

As rain penetrates the poorly thatched dwelling,
So passion penetrates the untended mind.

As rain does not penetrate the well-thatched dwelling,
So passion does not penetrate the well-tended mind.

If one, though reciting much of texts, is not a doer thereof, a heedless man;
He, like a cowherd counting others’ cows, is not a partaker in the religious quest.

If one, though reciting little of texts, lives a life in accord with dhamma,
Having discarded passion, ill will, and unawareness, knowing full well, the mind well freed,
He, not grasping here, neither hereafter, is a partaker of the religious quest.

Let one regard neither the discrepancies of others,
Nor what is done or left undone by others, but only the things one has done oneself or left undone.

Even as a solid rock does not move on account of the wind,
So are the wise not shaken in the face of blame and praise.

Few are they among humans, the people who reach the shore beyond.
But these other folk only run along the hither bank.

To one who has gone the distance, who is free of sorrows, freed in every respect;
To one who has left behind all bonds, fever there exists not.

Many for refuge go to mountains and to forests.
To shrines that are groves or trees–Humans who are threatened by fear.

This is not a refuge secure; this refuge is not the highest.
Having come to this refuge, one is not released from all misery.

But who to the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha as refuge has gone,
Sees with full insight the four noble truths;

Misery, the arising of misery, and the transcending of misery,
The noble Eightfold Path leading to the allaying of misery.

This, indeed, is a refuge secure. This is the highest refuge.
Having come to this refuge, one is released from all misery.

Let go in front, let go behind, let go in between!
Gone to the further shore of existene, with mind released as to “everything.”
You shall not again come upon birth and old age.

The gift of dhamma prevails over every gift,
The flavor of dhamma prevails over every flavor.
The delight in dhamma prevails over every delight.
The dissolution of craving subdues all suffering.