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can anyone tell me what this buddhist quote is saying??

As rain penetrates the poorly thatched dwelling,
So passion penetrates the untended mind.

As rain does not penetrate the well-thatched dwelling,
So passion does not penetrate the well-tended mind.

If one, though reciting much of texts, is not a doer thereof, a heedless man;
He, like a cowherd counting others’ cows, is not a partaker in the religious quest.

If one, though reciting little of texts, lives a life in accord with dhamma,
Having discarded passion, ill will, and unawareness, knowing full well, the mind well freed,
He, not grasping here, neither hereafter, is a partaker of the religious quest.

Let one regard neither the discrepancies of others,
Nor what is done or left undone by others, but only the things one has done oneself or left undone.

Even as a solid rock does not move on account of the wind,
So are the wise not shaken in the face of blame and praise.

Few are they among humans, the people who reach the shore beyond.
But these other folk only run along the hither bank.

To one who has gone the distance, who is free of sorrows, freed in every respect;
To one who has left behind all bonds, fever there exists not.

Many for refuge go to mountains and to forests.
To shrines that are groves or trees–Humans who are threatened by fear.

This is not a refuge secure; this refuge is not the highest.
Having come to this refuge, one is not released from all misery.

But who to the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha as refuge has gone,
Sees with full insight the four noble truths;

Misery, the arising of misery, and the transcending of misery,
The noble Eightfold Path leading to the allaying of misery.

This, indeed, is a refuge secure. This is the highest refuge.
Having come to this refuge, one is released from all misery.

Let go in front, let go behind, let go in between!
Gone to the further shore of existene, with mind released as to “everything.”
You shall not again come upon birth and old age.

The gift of dhamma prevails over every gift,
The flavor of dhamma prevails over every flavor.
The delight in dhamma prevails over every delight.
The dissolution of craving subdues all suffering.

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Greg L
Greg L

Each paragraph I write, corresponds to the respective paragraph you gave me. Rain is false thoughts or events that move you. Thatched dwelling is your mind. If we are not focused and allow ourselves to be moved and swayed by passions, desires, and false-loose-scattered thoughts, then we are weak. Anything that comes your way, whether it be sounds, scorn, beauty, atrocity, etc, will easily cause us to wander off in false-material thoughts. When something doesn’t sound good, you start thinking and trailing off into a bunch of nonsense thoughts, muddling in a world of your own as you digress. The… Read more »


There’s a lot of quotes there that you’re lumping together. It would take a lot of space to explain them all one by one. The underlying principle in many of them is that a mind cleared of attachments and evil thoughts is good, while the reverse is bad. There are also some terms that might be confusing to non-buddhists: Dhamma (also known as Dharma) is a concept that refers to the nature of reality. The Buddha’s teachings are referred to as the Dhamma, also, because they are considered sacred truths (reality). Sangha means “community,” and it refers to the community… Read more »


As indoor rain is a pain, so indulged passion is just as harmful. Passion arises from desire, and desire is the source of misery. Pay attention and keep passion from overwhelming you. Understanding is not about the book. It’s about the action, owning and using what you’ve learned, whether it’s in class or on your own. Mind your own business, not the spiritual progress of others. And the opinions of others should not matter to you. Reputation is another form of desire. Even if you think you perceive the goal, you still have to make the spiritual journey, get your… Read more »

Andrew E
Andrew E

It says that in order to be truly fullfilled, you need to focus on your own strengths and do things well. Don’t let what other people are doing distract you. Only through learning to focus on the important things can you live a full life. And I think the final sentence is a good summary of what it all means. “The dissolution of craving subdues all suffering.”

I read the Tibetan Book of the Dead a few years ago and it had a lot of similar passages. It’s an interesting idea, if anything.

~michael P.
~michael P.

Pure, condensed wisdom. Thanks for that.