Can anyone tell me what the rules are and interesting facts about Wiccan?

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Im wiccan and i find it hard to find information and my friends is wanting to be wiccan and its hard to explain the rules and main facts of it all. can anyone help me?

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deliver us from evil amen


I wouldn’t use the word “rules.” Wicca has it’s tenets…. we don’t necessarily tout them as the best way or the only way… just as the Wiccan way. No one is forced to be Wiccan, or follow Wiccan teachings… no one is punished if they don’t; if they don’t, they’re just not Wiccan.
We don’t have scripture; we have liturgy. We have advice. We encourage people to think for themselves. Our religion is very experiential (note, that doesn’t mean “experimental.” It simply means the key to practicing Wicca is experiencing life and spirituality as a Wiccan).
Main facts about Wicca I guess are:
1) We honor the Higher Power(s) in the balanced forms of God(s) and Goddess(es). (Most important)
2) Our religion is fairly ritual; our rites fairly ceremonial, there is a certain general structure to our rituals, common tools, etc.
3) We celebrate the Wheel of the Year as we see it reflected in the cycles of nature and the cycles of our lives.
4) Our religion is nature based, as we see the Divine both as immanent and transcendent. We seek union with the Divine through our connection to nature.
5) Our moral teachings encourage us to strive for balance and harmony in our lives, to take personal responsibility for ourselves, to make good choices and consider the reprecussions of our actions. To have respect for others and their teachings, and take what we can learn from them.
I should add a great website:

Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!

If you were really Wiccan then you would know the answers to these questions.
And, quite frankly, if you had spent any effort at all you would have found PILES of information on the subject: online, in large bookstores, on, etc.
Wicca doesn’t have rules. Wicca is about understanding and informed decisions, not blindly following a list of rules.
The “main facts” of Wicca:
And book suggestions:
Now, why the heck would your friend want to be Wiccan if he or she doesn’t even know the main beliefs and you are unable to explain them?
We are both talking about the same Wicca, aren’t we? I’m talking about a religion, a relationship with my gods, something I’ve dedicated to for life. What about you?


MSB gave you an outstanding answer!
Wicca is about balance and harmony, and about te cyclical character of life and of natural events.
Wicca is about one’s relationship the one’s Gods.
Wiccan ethics (if that’s what you mean by “rules”) are pretty straight forward. We seek not to harm others, we seek to find balance and harmony within ourselves and in our surroundings, and we seek enlightenment through experience and wisdom and connection to our Gods.
I like the timerift web site MSB provided for you. I would also recommend checking out


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